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Here Are Some Simple Skin Care Routine Steps To get Flawless Skin

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skin care routine steps

If you’re spending big bucks and more hours in a day than you can spare on skincare, but your skin still isn’t bringing its A-game, you’re probably doing it all wrong. The key, dear ladies, to that flawless glow is in the layering. If you thought that was just a #KBeauty trend, think again. Layering, my dear, is the secret to cherub-soft, glowy, plump skin. Some trial and error and lots of testing will help you find the formulas—and the order in which to apply them—to get truly great skin. Read on to get the low down on layering your skincare so that your skin can reap the full benefit of every product you apply.

Here’s a handy blueprint of best skin care routine and best skincare products, just for you. Take notes!

  1. skin care routine steps- step 1- cleanser

    Step 1 – Cleanser

    • You know how they say, ‘wipe the slate clean’? Well, that’s a good idea even when it comes to your skin and daily face routine
    • Therefore, be it morning or night, start with a cleanser to get rid of that gunk from the pollution of the day, the makeup you were too lazy to wash off last night or the oil that’s collected in your pores.
    • Pro Tip: Double cleanse. Start off with an oil-based cleanser to really clean out your skin and then cleanse again with a foamy water-based cleanser that suits your skin type.
  2. Step 2 – Toner

    • Next up, toner. An often-missed product, this basically refurbishes your skin with moisture, gets rid of any other stubborn impurities left behind by your cleanser, restores your skin’s pH levels, and often acts as a delivery system for antioxidants and vitamin B derivatives.
    • So, while toners don’t actually “shrink” your pores, the benefits of using them are beyond compare and are a must-have in your daily routine for healthy skin.
    • Pro Tip: Toners are specifically formulated for varying skin types, from oily and dry to combination and sensitive skin.  Don’t forget to do your research before you buy one, so you get one that’s perfect for you.
    skin care routine steps- step 2- toner
  3. skin care routine steps- step 3- spot treatment

    Step 3 – Spot Treatment

    • If you’re plagued by acne, pigmentation or signs of aging, this is when you apply your medicated treatments.
    • These tend to be highly concentrated formulas and need to be applied closest to skin so they can be absorbed fully to work their magic.
    • Better still, ask your dermatologist what’s the best way to apply your treatment potions.
    • Pro Tip: Any cream that comes in contact with your correctors before they’ve done their work will inhibit them from working to their max potential. So, watch the clock for a bit after you apply your treatment formulas.
  4. Step 4 – Serum

    • If you’ve not used a spot treatment, it’s time for a serum. These are lightweight formulas with a high concentration of active ingredients that generally target a certain skin concern and are therefore meant to be absorbed at a deeper level.
    • Trust us, within just a few days, you’ll start to notice your skin transmitting a luminescent glow.
    • Pro Tip: Free radical damage giving you sleepless nights, dark circles, dull skin and dark spots? Not anymore. Pick an antioxidant serum with active ingredients like Vitamin C, Green Tea and Retinol that are guaranteed to protect your skin.
    skin care routine steps- step 4- serum
  5. skin care routine steps- step 5- eye cream

    Step 5 – Eye Cream

    • The skin around your eyes is super delicate and needs some extra TLC. And that’s where eye creams come into the picture.
    • From brightening your eyes to reducing inflammation, from getting rid of crow’s feet and dark circles to adding an extra hit of moisture, these babies will do it all when it comes to under-eye care.
    • Pro Tip: If you’re using eye cream only once a day, the best time to do so is in the PM. To maximise benefits, apply the cream all around the eye area.

    Step 6 – Moisturizer

    • It’s no secret that when your skin is hydrated, it glows. Which means never EVER skip your moisturizer in your daily beauty routine.
    • Find the right moisturizer that nourishes and replenishes your skin, making sure it’s a thicker, creamier formula if you have dry skin or a water-based one if you’re someone with oily and acne-prone skin.
    • Pro Tip: While you can use the same moisturizer by day and night, there are specific formulas designed for bedtime which are heavier and get absorbed over several hours.
    skin care routine steps- step 6- moisturizer
    skin care routine steps- step 7- face oil

    Step 7 – Face Oil

    • Bet you didn’t know that the most powerful skincare potion on your shelf is the one that comes in the tiniest bottle. That’s right, your face oil.
    • The smaller molecular structure of face oils enables them to penetrate the deeper layers of your skin bringing some next-level hydration, rejuvenating your skin with those much-needed natural vitamins.
    • Pro Tip: Use your face oil after slathering on moisturizer ‘coz while oils can penetrate your moisturizer, the reverse doesn’t work. You can skip this step during the day and go straight to sunscreen.

    Step 8 – SPF

    • We know you’ve probably heard this a gazillion times before but this last step in your daytime skincare routine simply cannot be skipped.
    • No guesses here, we’re talking about sunscreen. It sits on top of your skin protecting it from the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun.
    • If you care about your skin and want it to look youthful for ever, this beauty care product is non-negotiable.
    • Pro Tip: If you’re using a chemical SPF, find one that doubles up as moisturizer so you can skip a step thereby making sure the sunscreen is effectively absorbed into your skin.
    skin care routine steps- step 8- SPF
Follow these simple skin care routine steps and get smooth and glowing skin without spending a fortune.
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