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Here's How You Master Natural, Fluffy Eyebrows

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perfect eyebrows

I was first fascinated by eyebrows when I saw an Indian classical dance performance. I was about 5. People say your eyes are the most expressive feature of your face, but that day I saw women use their eyebrows so beautifully and elegantly to communicate in a way I’d never seen before. I remember going back home and trying to copy those eyebrow movements to portray fear, anger, happiness and shyness in front of the mirror, and my obsession with naturally fluffy, well-shaped, expressive eyebrows began that day.

From the performing arts of India to the red carpets of Hollywood (courtesy Cara Delevinge, Lily Collins, Lucy Hale and Zendaya amongst my favourites) thick, bushy, natural eyebrows have always caught my attention. But having stared at the mirror long enough to know that I have thin, haywire and misshapen eyebrows, I got myself to deep dive into some R&D to get this right. Listed below are a few tips and tricks that I’ve tried and tested over the past month to make my eyebrows look fuller, darker, and fluffier. Some of these hacks actually helped my eyebrows grow thicker and faster. Ahead, everything you need to know.

The Midnight Oil

eyebrow growth oil

Bella Vita Organic GrowBrow Brow & Lash Oil

You’ve heard of overnight skincare routines like your sleeping masks and night-repair serums that work to improve the quality of your skin while you snooze. Similarly, a natural oil promotes hair growth by seeping in and working its magic on your eyebrows overnight. Coconut, castor, almond, argan and onion oil are known to boost the growth and health of your hair. You can also try the Bella Vita Organic GrowBrow Brow & Lash Oil.

Brush it Off

eyebrow brush

Indulgeo Essentials Brow Grow

eyebrow brush - PAC Eyebrow Brush

PAC Eyebrow Brush - 099

Eyebrow brushes and spoolies have the ability to give your eyebrows an instant lift. I use a dual-ended brush and what I noticed was that brushing your eyebrows can not only make them look fuller, but also gives you more control on how to shape them the way you like it. The Brow Grow By Indulgeo is also a great product to master a sleek, brushed up look.

Layer Your Shades

eyebrow pencil with brush

ETUDE HOUSE Drawing Eyebrow - 02 Gray Brown

eyebrow pencil

Maybelline New York Define & Blend Brow Pencil - Natural Brown

Here’s a little something that worked for me. Unlike everyone else I know, I own two shades of eyebrow pencils. The first is the exact colour of my eyebrows, which is sort of like a brown shade that I use to fill sparse areas and shape. The second is a slightly darker pencil that I keep blunt at the tip and use very lightly to create the illusion of volume. Because my eyebrow hair grows in various directions, I finish with a spoolie to put them in place.

The Highlight

eyebrow highlighter

Kay Beauty Illuminating Highlighter - Honey Glaze

I’ve always been consistent with the shape when filling up or brushing my eyebrows. I use this little trick where I use my highlighter to help with definition and precision. I use a honey toned highlighter that’s one notch lighter than my skin tone right under the ending edge of my eyebrows on my eyelids. This slightly shimmery yet lighter colour makes my eyebrows more defined and precise.

Chuck the Tweezers

eyelash growth serum

WishCare Brow & Lash Growth Serum - EyeBrow & Eyelash Growth Oil Serum-Eye Lash & Eye Brow Enhancers

Allow your eyebrow hair to grow for a few months for a bushy, fluffy look. All you need to do is pluck or thread your extras all the while making sure that you don’t disturb the volume. If you have trouble with the growth, I highly recommend going for an eyebrow serum that you use everyday before you apply makeup. P.S. This is also a great idea if you’re thinking of getting bangs (that’s exactly what I did).

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