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Here’s Why I Highly Recommend Nykaa SKINRX's Fresh Line Of Night Moisturisers

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The phrase ‘beauty sleep’ has been casually flung around in so many conversations, that one begins to wonder if sleep is really pertinent to beauty in any way. To put all queries to rest, right off the bat, yes — sleep and beauty do go hand-in-hand, which has been corroborated by science. So, on mornings you wake up to your skin looking exceptionally lethargic and inflamed after a night of tossing and turning in bed, you know it may be attributed to not getting enough shut-eye. Acquainted with your body clock, the skin cells prioritise different actions at varying hours. During the day, our skin functions as ‘the protector’ to combat against external aggregators like dust, pollution, UV rays and heat. As night falls, the skin takes up the role of ‘the repairer’ and it directs its energy towards rejuvenation and healing. The distinctive functioning of the cells in the epidermis in the PM calls for a customised and more detailed oriented night care ritual with products that aid expedited cell regeneration.

Why Should You Invest In Products Specifically For Your Night Time Routine?

You snooze, you win well, as far as making inroads to superior skin is concerned. A good night's sleep is essential to fortify the cellular turnover—getting rid of the dead cells from the epidermis to replace it with new ones with the release of the Human Growth Hormone (HGM) at night playing a cardinal role in accelerating the repair process underway. The wee hours in the morning are optimised by bolstering collagen production (for the unversed, deficiency of collagen in your skin leads to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles). Skin is exceedingly permeable at night making it more receptive to the products you apply before you hit the bed.  However, there is a glaring drawback to this. More porous skin leads to excessive moisture loss at night which poses a detriment to the skin barrier. The need for a comprehensive night time skincare routine that helps assist your skin reconstruction while also keeping the skin barrier intact is imperative. A good moisturiser is integral to any beauty regimen, but your regular daytime moisturisers are lightweight so that its application before wearing a full face of makeup doesn’t feel uncomfortable. They may or may not be able to combat the unbridled parchedness of the skin at night adroitly. To ensure you reap maximum benefits from skincare, we recommend adding Nykaa’s SKINRX night moisturiser to enhance the health of your skin.

Why Is the Nykaa SKINRX Night Moisturiser Good For Your Skin?

This range of moisturisers come in four different variations that cater to those with normal to dry as well as oily skin classified to counter dullness with Vitamin C-Illuminate and diminish face scarring with niacinamide. I got the Spot Correct-Niacinamide because I have super oily skin. I have grappled with acne all my life and the impulse to pick on my zits over the years have led to faint scars on my face, specifically on my cheekbones panning towards the hairline. Few days after using the moisturiser, I felt that my blemishes had started to dwindle. Tbh, I woke up to plump, smooth skin thanks to ubiquinone present in the formula (a hero ingredient that treats scarring miraculously). It’s packaged in a sleek bottle with a pump that allows me to control and only use just the right amount of product I need. Coming to the texture, It has a gel-like consistency that seeps into my pores almost immediately but doesn’t feel heavy or uncomfortable, even in the slightest forming a blanket against any moisture loss. The night time Spot Correct also consists of willow bark extracts that curbs the oil pockets on my skin and green tree extracts that are an intuitive addition against appearance and formation of acne. I highly recommend  this product because it helped me achieve radiant, healthy and acne free skin.

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