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Here's why waterless beauty is gaining momentum

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Best Waterless Beauty Products

As we all know, agriculture contributes to 70% of water wastage on a global front. That, along with letting our tap run (read: overindulgent baths). But ask Greta Thunberg and she’ll give you a million other reasons that leads to the water scarcity. She also alarms us at the rapid pace with which it’s going downhill. According to the World Wildlife Fund, by 2025 two-thirds of the world’s population may face water shortages. To spell it out loud and clear, that’s just six years away. A leading market research firm confirms that 27% of consumers are now trying to use less water. Stop, if you’re thinking ‘a little, too late’. At this point, every responsible move or call for attention will make a big difference to safeguard our water bank. Sure, we’re not proactive humanitarians making a huge impact at a global level, but that shouldn’t deter us from joining the movement. The world of beauty explores ways to develop, innovative products packed with goodness, while preserving the world’s reservoirs.

You might have never thought about this, but historically speaking, water has been used as a filler in products. The price point of water is much lower than other ingredient that global beauty brands leverage on making the final product more profitable to produce. Enter the birth of waterless beauty. The concept of ‘waterless’ originally came from Korea. No surprises there, since the Asian market is always a few years ahead of the West. Ironically, Korean manufacturers created waterless products for skincare benefits, not to necessarily earn environmental credentials. Although, for the eco-conscious consumers (Gen Z, we hear you) we list five dry, waterless beauty potions to add to your list to make sure you, your children and their children have enough H2O.

Presenting the best waterless beauty products to go for!

Best Waterless Beauty Products- Lipstick


When it comes to your lips, going organic may be a great decision, since we actually end up consuming most of it for lunch. Turn to a safer option and upgrade your cabinet with the Ruby's Organics Lipstick. Coupled with Shea and Cocoa Butter, this waterless lipstick features an impressive pigment payoff and a semi-matte finish to keep your lips replenished. Known for its pretty colors (the shadeBarebeing our favorite), this vegetarian stick takes your lips from zero to desirable.


“Didn’t wash your hair today?” is not something you want to hear from Susan at work. There’s always a ‘Susan’ AKA that annoying colleague that just doesn’t seem to get the point. Well, you’re not going to get caught the next time with Ktein Instant Waterless Natural Shampoo and Conditioner. This foam-based formula instantly revives dull and limp hair without having to wash them. Fortified with Apple Cider Vinegar, Amla and Shikakai this vegan hair cleansing genius is gaining momentum as we speak (R.I.P dry shampoo). Give one to Susan too.
Best Waterless Beauty Products- Shampoo & Conditioner
Best Waterless Beauty Products- Face Wash


If you’re the sort that travels via public transport, you’re in luck. Combat polluted skin with the Niconi Emulso Pink Waterless Face Wash. This highly underrated waterless cleanser features a rich texture to effectively reach into your skin crevices and pores to lift away grime. It gets better. It not only works as a great makeup remover but also primes your face for your makeup. Might we remind you that this hero is spiked with skin-renewing ingredients (sans Aqua) to tackle pesky inflammation and speed up the process of cellular turnover.


The only thing better than a great foundation is a portable great foundation. Ideal for frequent flyers or if you're someone on-the-go and generally get ready in your Uber or in office. The Flower Beauty Pore Perfect Instant Blur Stick Multi-Tasking Foundation saves the day. With a silky consistency, curated by Drew Barrymore herself (I know right!), all you have to do is dot the water-free product where you want coverage or color. Then blend it out with your fingers or your favorite foundation brush.
Best Waterless Beauty Products- Foundation
Best Waterless Beauty Products- Blush Paper


Dab the excess oil away and give way for flushed cheeks with the Dromen & Co Apothecary Pink Blush Paper. These luxurious mini sheets target specific areas you want clarified while leaving your cheekbones fresh and dewy. Designed to elevate tired, worn out skin for an instant flush, these biodegradable blush papers are a perfect midday or post-work touch-up. It also fits into your palm like a lipstick, so slip it in anywhere and no one would know. Tee hee. Don’t know about you, but they’ve definitely earned a clean seal from us.

As most of us are becoming more aware of what we’re putting in our bodies, we’re also becoming more cognizant of what we’re putting on our bodies. But Water-ver said and done, know this that as soon as you stock up on these water-free formulas, you’ll doing the world good by conserving water and looking pretty either way. Sounds like a win-win to us.

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