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Here’s Why You Need To Bag Nykaa Breathable Nail Enamels Now

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Is it me or most nail enamels tend to make your nails dry, brittle and prone to breaks? Whenever I would remove a nail paint, I ended up with white residue sticking onto my dry nails; and don’t even remind me of yellowed and pigmented toenails that take forever to get clean! I used to blame removers, but its the enamel itself that can cause more damage.

Solution: Nykaa’s newest Breathable Nail Enamel to the rescue! Wondering what are breathable nail paints and why should you switch to them? Here are 5 fabulous reasons.


They’re Breathable

No, no, you don’t have to sniff your nails…. The enamel itself is made in such a flexible molecular structure, that oxygen and water particles can connect with your nails, even when coated with this paint. Say goodbye to dry and unhealthy nails.


They Have A Higher Gloss

Nykaa's secret formula includes 'gloss enhancing polymers' that will make your nails shine as bright as you. Plus, they’re long-lasting – so, the shine or color won’t fade away! And the best part about this unique enamel: it dries up 30% faster than other nail paints.


They’re Free From Harmful Chemicals

Worried about parabens and formaldehydes? Nykaa’s Breathable Nail Enamels ensure that you’re safe. It’s free from 14 different harmful and toxic chemicals including a few that can cause skin allergies or potentially even cancer. Phew!


They Are India’s First Breathable Enamel

No Indian company can boast of this kind of technology in their nail enamels. It’s a first of its kind formula, exclusive to Nykaa. Now you know, that we care about every little part of you!


They Have Shades To Die For

A whopping 22 cool shades are waiting for you to be added to cart. They have Zen purples and classy nudes, wild reds and pops of the brightest shades ever. Our favorites? Downtime Daisy Yellow & Peace Out Purple that remind us of our favorite beach vacay!

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