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Here’s your solution manual to every bra fitting problem

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More often than not, we as women experience discomfort in the lingerie that we wear and the reasons behind that could be many. So we thought we’ll list out the problems below, talk a little bit about why they occur and hopefully provide helpful solutions to each one of them. From straps that slip to those that dig into your skin, below you’ll find solutions to every bra problem you might be facing or would have faced in the past. Scroll down to see what they are…

Problem 1: Straps keep slipping off the shoulder


1. Tighten them with the help of the adjustable rings if it's an older piece of lingerie.

2. For a fairly new piece tighten them at the start of every month for perfect fit.

3. If that nothing else works, you may have narrower shoulders and the straps of your bra may be wider set. To counteract this problem, try a different bra style like full coverage or a convertible one.

Problem 2: The cups keep getting pulled up


1. This problem majorly arises from wearing a bigger band size. Check if your band size is right by slipping two fingers underneath the back of your band. The band should be snug, not too tight and not too loose, on the loosest hook at the back.

2. If your band size is not right, opt for a smaller band size but remember to go one size up in the cup as the rule of sister sizing goes. So for instance, you are a 36C, opt for a 34D for a snug fit.

Problem 3: Straps keep digging in to the skin


1. In a well-fitting bra, the straps should not be doing the heavy lifting, the bra should be - opt for a bra with a smaller band size as your current band might be too big or may have stretched out.

2. If you are on the heavier side, try buying styles with narrower straps such as full coverage styles so that the weight of the breasts gets evenly distributed.

Problem 4: There’s gap between the cups and the straps


1. Technically known as cup gaping, this problem is common with women who have East West, Asymmetric, Bell Shape or Slender breasts. To solve this problem, start by tightening the straps.

2. If the problem continues then opt for a smaller cup size.

3. Despite this if the problem occurs then try plunge or push-up styles as they will provide the lift needed to fill up the empty space on the top.

Problem 5. The breasts peep out from the sides


1. This is also called side overflow and this occurs when the cup is too small. Go one size up when it comes to your cup and watch the problem disappear.

2. Check if your band needs a size change too as that too could lead to the problem. So your best bet would be to go one size smaller in the band and one size bigger in the cup.

Problem 6: Breasts spill out from the front and the sides


1. Referred to as breast spillage or cup overflow, this problem comes with a simple solution – trade your current cup with a bigger one. Go one size up in the cup from the one you’re wearing at the moment.

2. If you’re unsure then check our sizing chart to find your perfect fit.

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