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Hero Skin Care Products For Oily Skin

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Oily skin can be a little demanding but with these high-performance best sellers on your top shelf, we predict that you’re not going to find the whole greasy situation a problem no more.

Presenting eight tried and tested skin care products for oily skin to help you end your brawl against overambitious oil glands.

  1. #1 The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash

    Perfect for oily and acne-prone skin, The The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash is infused with potent Tea Tree oil designed to cleanse blemished skin. This cult favorite formula creates a cooling lather to remove impurities and excess oil, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and purified. Whilst on your hunt for the best skin care products for oily skin, make sure to avoid astringents, they just trigger more oil.

  2. #2 The Face Shop Jeju Volcanic Lava Pore Serum

    Lighter than a moisturizer, The Face Shop Jeju Volcanic Lava Pore Serum contains rich volcanic ash to shield your skin from pollution and other daily impurities. Ideal for hypersensitive and oily skin, this featherlight serum (no seriously, it feels like nothing on the skin) contains sebum control ingredients, battles shine and tightens pores without any greasy feeling. This product easily passes of as on the best formulas in the market avoid any chances of acne as well.

  3. # 3 Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye

    Proven as the thinnest, most sensitive skin on your entire body, the area around your eyes requires a little extra TLC. Enter Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye. This therapeutic concentrate of essential oils and botanicals keeps the area around your eyes super matte and youthful. This skin care royalty also diminishes the appearance of fine lines and reduces stubborn puffiness. If you ritually use this miracle product for a good 30 days, you won't believe your eyes. Literally.

  4. # 4 Alma K Dead Sea Minerals Purifying Mud Mask

    The tricky part about masks is that not all formulas in the business are as promising as they seem. Keeping oily skin as a concern in mind, we trust the Alma K Dead Sea Minerals Purifying Mud Mask. This vitamin-fortified formula contains mineral-rich dead sea mud and nutrient-packed seaweed to give you a gush of hydration without making your skin oily at all. On a side note, if you were a fly on the way back here at work, you’d see us mask with this formula between deadlines. Just saying.

  5. # 5 Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturiser SPF 15

    Whatever your skin type, you must NEVER skip your sunscreen. It’s non-negotiable. Promising to protect your skin from the harsh UV rays, the Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturiser SPF 15 is designed to eliminate excess oil from your skin sheet. Best part, this lighter than air moisturizer can be used throughout the year through any season (yay!). So, if you have greasy skin this, we suggest you get your hands on this tube ASAP. The sun is going to be out soon.

  6. #6 NYX Professional Makeup Green Tea Blotting Paper

    Unlike your regular toilet paper or even tissue, blotting papers are made out of an extra-absorbent material that’s designed to soak in all that excess sebum that you don’t need. Fight shine with the NYX Professional Makeup Green Tea Blotting Paper. Enriched with lush Green Tea extracts, these sheets are perfect for acne-prone skin and quickly absorb shine, leaving skin looking fresh and matte.

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