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HEY HANDSOME: Eight Makeup Tricks For Every Man

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Gentlemen, this one’s for you. In the past, getting men to wear makeup was a perpetual hard sell. But the stigma is dissolving in the face of overwhelming logic. So, we’re going to break that stereotype today. We’re talking brow building, hydrated and ‘healthy looking’ under-eyes and a perfect complexion.
But before you turn away and scoff at these intelligent tricks (yes, self-proclaimed) because it’s ‘too makeup-y’, well let’s just say that you’re going to be pretty impressed with what we’re about to tell you. Fair warning: These tricks are going to leave you unapologetically and unequivocally smoldering. Now, what could be more masculine than that?

Here are our expert tips on makeup for men:

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So Good It Could Conceal Your Emotions

Here’s what a concealer is not: Something you cake onto your entire face. Nah, it’s your best bet to erase all traces of a late night or mitigate an adamant breakout. Take a very small amount on your wand and dab it right under your eyes. Blend it (use your fingers) until you see the formula disappear into your skin. You can use it on acne scars, blemishes or redness caused by shaving. Consider this product your new sidekick. A reliable one, of course.

Set The Record Straight

Okay, so if you haven’t tried the setting powder trick yet, we’re judging. Seriously, if we were you, we’d be FOMOing because if you start using this wonder formula, your battle with forehead shine is going to be officially over. Best part, it blends super easy thanks to its biomimetic pigments, which means it has a lightweight, hardly there feeling. Take a brush and apply right after your sunscreen or moisturizer and slay that shine away. We know that them oily patches can get real boys.
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Highlights Of That Night

Perfect for brightening your complexion and opening up those irresistible eyes (we assume), highlighting is like creating that ’gram filter glow but better. Focus on the areas where the sun hits your face. Swirl on a bit of the pigment on your cheekbones, chin and the top of your forehead. To keep it believable, avoid the bridge of the nose and you’re going to look well-hydrated with some serious swag. Don’t blame us if you have a sea of women dying to get your number at your local club tonight.

That Jaw Though

Sometimes putting on those extra couple of pounds can be pretty annoying. Well, there’s a way to fix that real quick. Presenting Kim K’s favorite technique (oh, we know you stalk her) contouring is the best thing that happened to beauty, EVER. It can define your cheekbones and create the illusion of a slimmer nose. Draw the formula right onto your temples in a thin line and bring it your cheekbones, a thin line down each side of your nose and blend in circular upward motion till the lines disappear. There’s just something about a chiseled jawline, take it from us.
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I’ll Take Care Of You

Real talk. We don't treat our lips with the affection they deserve. No, wait a second. Men don’t treat their lips with the affection they deserve. But then again kudos to a fine minority that do. We’re assuming that some of you reading this right now already have one and for all you know it’s strawberry flavored (don’t lie). But today forget the scented sticks your girlfriend hoards in her purse. Go for a stick that’s free of fragrance, preservatives, and dyes. So, whether your hitting the slopes or recovering from a heavy make out session, having a chap stick handy is always a good idea.

A Good Beard Is Better Than...Well, Everything.

Is your beard in that awkward and patchy growing-out phase? If yes, then boy do we have some real good news for you. First, get a super pigmented eyeshadow palette. All you have to do is fill in the gaps with the deepest shade (that best suit your beard color). Take a little on your brush and gently dab on the weak points of your beard patches and blend it with the rest of your beard map. This technique is ideal for covering up shaving mistakes btw. See, we told these tricks are genius. Hah!
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It’s A Browmance, Alright.

Your brows are one of the first things we notice, besides that delectable smile, of course. So, here’s what you do. Pull out the brow wand and simply brush it into your brows going upwards so that they look masculine and spiky at the same time. If you have salt and pepper hair, this step is perfect to conceal the gray too. Plus It's a great way to keep your brows going in one direction. Groomed Brows + Lush Brows = Yummy. Also, this trick can make you look way younger than your actual age? Honestly, the best anti-aging technique according to us.

Fake It Till You Make It

Bronzer can go wrong quickly, so allow us to take you through it. If you have pale skin, you’re in luck because this little trick is going to you a fake tan in no time. Use the bronzer pigments in small downward strokes on your cheekbones, brow bone, the chin, and vertically down the center of your neck. Continue buffing with the empty brush to even it out. You might get some strange looks when you go into the office Monday morning looking like you’ve stepped fresh out of the Bahamas. Psst, for the record it’s only because they’re jelly.
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So gentlemen, with that being said If you're heading out for that scheduled dinner this weekend with your wifey (or that hot tinder date) you want to impress, these are your bona fide solutions to looking just so damn good. Oh, and hey, we’re going to take advantage of this moment to quickly add that we’re super stoked to finally move past the austere gender binary labels. #ItsAboutTime
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