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Hindash— The Makeup Brand by Dubai Based MUA Is Exclusively Available on Nykaa’s Cross-Border Store

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Hindash cosmetics

Vividly hued palettes and deliberate brush strokes to create a masterpiece—makeup is undeniably a discipline of art. It is a transformative ability that wields the immense power to evoke emotions, convey ideas and inspire. Analogous to witnessing an artist's provoking fruit of labour in a gallery that opens the spectator's mind to different schools of thought and varied horizons.

An innate artistic flair, and vision to see art translate into the realm of beauty by creating a crossover between these adjacent nuanced forms, motivated the Dubai-based artist Hindash to venture into makeup and beauty. The classical art practitioner turned makeup whiz, represented in multiple galleries and exhibitions across the Middle East, started his solo career with Beautonomy. A thesis encapsulating the insecurities, unrealistic expectations, and overall perception of beauty in this day and age depicted in paintings. The Jordanian prodigy, bestowed with many-an accolades like the Sheikha Manal Young Artist Award for fine arts, has worked extensively on art projects, murals and campaigns and his inspiration? Magazine centrefolds, editorials and aesthetically shot advertisements, which he says, struck him as digital paintings. And so, Hidash set out to blur the lines between art and artistry.

This transition seemed very organic for the multifaceted creative — who embarked on his makeup journey with a youtube channel - Hindash. With his incomparable aptitude for creation, highly intuitive sense of colour selection and knowledge garnered over the years, Hindash rose to prominence in the beauty community within no time. His in-depth tutorials and collaborations with beauty veterans earned him worldwide acclaim, with videos raking millions of views.

After a successful run on the forum with his signature easy-to -follow, eye-makeup videos (they are a Godsend), the mogul announced his own beauty line Hindash to aid his audience to traverse the beauty landscape through makeup. The intent behind the debut of his first offering— the Beautopsy Pressed Pigment Palette was to cater to both professionals and novices alike. The gorgeous gradient palette is inclusive and multipurpose, featuring shades with colour payoff. Buildable hues which are easy to blend and hope to get the creative juices flowing once you get your hands on them.

The good news is you can now grab these superior formulations from Hindash with just a tap of your finger. The stellar offerings by the coveted Middle Eastern brand are now available exclusively on our Cross-Border Store. So, get cracking and add them all to your cart at 20% off.

1. Monochromance Gradient Palette

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HINDASH Monochromance Gradient Palette

This alluring gradient palette is a revelation, featuring six hues that grant you a 24 colour pay-off. A multipurpose offering that can be used for the eyes— to accentuate its depth and dimension. Or for a satin-sque pop of matte colour anywhere on the face (we are spoilt for choice). The cherry on the top, however, is this superlative formula forgoes animal testing and is vegan! A must-have in your vanity ahead of the wedding season for seamless blending, buildable hues and long-lasting pigments!

2. Heroline Eyeliner

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HINDASH Heroline Eyeliner

‘An intuitive mind is a sacred gift’ even more so for an artist— a feat that echoes in all of Hinadash’s exquisite work. And you may bank on the maven to grant you this ability with his Heroline Eyeliner. The vegan ink formula with a brush tip, enclosed in an aluminium shell gives you a great handle over the product ensuring that your liner is  intuitive, precise and fierce.

3. Manifesto in shade Rest in Roses

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HINDASH Manifesto - Rest In Roses

No feathering = no stressin’ —-Manifesto- Rest In Roses (a series of lip tints and lipsticks) by Hindash is another hybrid, stellar offering from the line. The formulation grants you medium to high coverage with a velvety matte finish and transitions beautifully from day to night all whilst hydrating your pucker!

4. Boy Tears Liquid Eyeshadow

liquid eyeshadow

HINDASH Color Fluid - Boy Tears Liquid Eyeshadow

A symphony of bold pigments and shimmer, the Boy Tears Liquid Eyeshadow will grant your lids a pearlescent champagne glow (a hue reminiscent of the glorious cosmos). The offering has been curated with the intent to serve as a multipurpose formulation -may be used to give your eyes incomparable depth, definition and dimension. An absolute favourite back at the Nykaa Office!

5. Eye Tone in Intra

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HINDASH Eye Tone - Intra

Eye tone is a wooden pencil with a creamy, highly pigmented, and easy-to-blend formula. The sleek and slender pencil wields you with a good grip, permitting a handle over the product. The formulation glides on with ease, against all resistance and doesn’t smudge. This long-lasting, intense wash of colour blend should be a staple in your vanity! Add yours to the cart now!

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