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Hold 'Em Curls With The Best Curling Creams For Hair

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curling cream for hair

Let’s be honest: There’s no one instruction manual when it comes to taking care of your curly hair. The bunch of contradicting tutorials you come across on your social media feed don’t really make things any easier either.

So, what do you do? Well, we have done our share of homework and to share everything you need to know to tame those rebellious curls into submission. All you have to do is scroll ahead and discover the missing pieces to fine-tune your existing hair care routine.

How To Style Naturally Curly Hair

If you have curly hair, you must’ve noticed the curls are prominent on the day you wash your hair until they gradually disappear into a chaos. A good routine can help you define your curls and make them last longer. Ready?

Step 1: Wash your hair with a clarifying curly hair shampoo like the Curl Up Curl Moisturising Shampoo. Massage the shampoo into the scalp using your fingertips and then work the lather towards the mid-lengths. After 2-3 minutes, rinse your hair with lukewarm water.

Step 2: Follow it up with a hydrating conditioner like BBLUNT Curly Hair Conditioner. Using the praying hands motion, spread the conditioner along the lengths of your hair. To detangle your hair and ensure uniform distribution of the conditioner, use a wide-toothed comb like the VEGA Wide Tooth Wooden Comb.

Step 3: After leaving it on for at least 8 minutes, rinse your hair with cold water. Pro tip: Leave 20-30% of the conditioner on your hair and don’t rinse it off completely.

Step 4: Next up, use a cotton T-shirt to absorb just the excess water from hair so your hair is not dripping wet.

Step 5: On wet hair, apply a leave-in conditioner for curly hair like Marc Anthony Strictly Curls Detangle & Defrizz Leave-In-Conditioner and lightly comb your hair with a wide-tooth comb.

Step 6: For curl definition, take a small amount of curling cream for hair like the Sebastian Professional Whipped Creme and rake it through your hair in sections. Scrunch your hair upward towards your roots to encourage the formation of curls.

Step 7: Now, flip your head upside down and wrap your hair in a microfiber towel like the Bronson Professional Hair Wrapper Towel. Release your hair after 15 minutes and allow it to air-dry. Your curls are now ready to steal the show!.

Best Curly Hair Creams

If you have been searching for a great curl defining cream, your search ends here. We’ve rounded up the best products for curly hair definition.

curling cream for hair - Schwarzkopf Professional

1. Schwarzkopf Professional Mad About Curls Twister Definition Leave-in Cream

If your curls are perpetually frizzy, try the Schwarzkopf Professional Mad About Curls Twister Definition Leave-in Cream. A moisturizing dream for dry and frizzy curls, this rich curly hair cream is infused with hydrating jojoba seed oil. If that’s not enough, the aquarine complex in the formula shields hair against heat damage and breakage for long-lasting, gorgeous curls. Results? Lesser hair breakage and split ends.

2. Curl Up Curl Defining Cream

Don’t you hate it when your curls act all limp and lifeless? Meet the Curl Up Curl Defining Cream. Infused with the goodness of argan oil, flaxseed oil and shea butter, this all-in-one cream helps reduce frizz, adds shine and defines curls with a long-lasting hold. Oh, and did we tell you that this curly hair cream is both dermatologically-tested and cruelty-free? Yay!

products for curly hair
curl creams

3. TIGI Bed Head On The Rebound Curl Recall Cream

Unhappy with your third-day curls? How about a curl defining cream with a prowess to hold the curls in place for a good 72 hours? TIGI Bed Head On The Rebound Curl Recall Cream is infused with glycerin that reforms rebellious curls into soft and defined ringlets. The best part? This formula leaves your curls with a lingering fruity fragrance.

4. Aveda Be Curly Curl Enhancer

If your curls have become too dull and have forgotten how to shine, try the Aveda Be Curly Curl Enhancer. Formulated with wheat protein and organic aloe, this cream tames frizz, defines curls and increases lustre. Plus, the aromatic blend of orange, lemon and other plant essences leave your hair smelling amazing.

curly hair cream
curl defining cream

5. Schwarzkopf Osis+ Curl Honey Curl Cream

The chapter of coarse curls is now over. The Schwarzkopf Osis+ Curl Honey Curl Cream with its conditioning formula is here to switch things up. This medium control curling cream tames frizz to impart a smooth finish while holding the curls in place. Even better? The formula is non-sticky and lightweight thereby, not weighing down your curls.

6. BBLUNT High Definition Curl, Curl Defining Leave-In Cream

If manageable curls is your main priority, try the cult-favorite BBLUNT High Definition Curl, Curl Defining Leave-In Cream. What makes it so good? Enriched with the hydrating goodness of coconut water and jojoba oil, this formula works on your curls form within and adds shine. Oh and can we please talk about how pretty it looks?

hair creams for curly hair
curl creams – argan deluxe

7. Sebastian Professional Whipped Creme

Need protection, bounce and style all in one product? The Sebastian Professional Whipped Cream is a protein-rich professional hair styler, especially concocted to define your curls and give them a healthy texture. Its light and conditioning formula leaves your waves shiny and silky to touch. Just apply to your damp hair and air dry for a perfect party look.

How To Maintain Curly Hair

Here’s a lowdown on how to maintain your curls for a longer period before your next wash.

  • Curly hair tends to be dry and frizzy compared to its straighter counterparts. Since, shampoos when used in excess can rob your hair of existing moisture, it helps to dilute your shampoo with a few drops of water before use. Doing so ensures you don’t use much of this drying product on your curls.
  • Pamper your scalp once a week to a deep conditioning hair mask treatment before you shampoo. This will tackle frizz and make your hair strands smoother.
  • Curly hair is not meant to be combed every day. There we said it. Between washes, limit brushing your hair as this will help your natural curl pattern last longer. If you do have to comb, switch to a wide-toothed comb which makes it easier to detangle curly hair.
  • Do you still sleep on a cotton pillowcase? Swap it with a silk pillow cover as it will considerably reduce the friction between your hair strands which is responsible for the early morning frizz.
  • The moment you braid or tie your hair into a ponytail, the curl pattern begins to break. The best mid-day hairstyle for when you want to tie up your hair is the pineapple updo. This keeps your hair away from the face without disturbing the curl pattern.
  • When it comes to drying curly hair, avoid the traditional method of rubbing hair with a towel as it can cause friction and can encourage frizz. Instead, pick an old cotton t-shirt and simply pat your hair dry to absorb the excess water.
  • Olive oil works great for curly hair. Simply massage this oil into your scalp and rinse after an hour. Oiling your hair regularly will help boost circulation and hair growth.
  • Sulfates can be dehydrating which is why it’s necessary to keep away from shampoos or conditioners that contain sulfates. Opt for sulfate-free products so the moisture content of your hair is maintained.
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