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Honey-Infused Beauty We’re Buzzed About

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Honey, aka liquid gold is a humectant whose powerful properties have been incorporated into beauty routines for centuries.

But if you’re a sceptic fearing the wrath of a swarm of bees, here are ten top-rated, tried, and tested honey beauty care products to smear yourself in.

Remedy Mask

DearPacker Home Remedy Mask - Cinnamon + Honey

Loaded with anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties it’s no wonder that this gooey liquid has a huge DIY fan-following. But if you aren’t too keen on slathering the sweet-slimy stuff on your face bare-handed, try this super-clean sheet mask to reap the benefits. The serum loaded in the 100% pure cotton-made mask clings to the face nourishes while preventing the face against aging and sun damage.
Squeeze Mask

Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Mask - Manuka Honey

Every beauty-blogger on the planet is making a beeline for this super concentrated, honey-infused potion. Straight from the heart of Korea, Seoul, this sweet-smelling concoction of Manuka flowers, Green Tea, Tangerine, Cactus, Camellia leaves and Orchids is so potent, that only a mask a week is sufficient. The triple-layer sheet offers long-lasting moisturization seeping into the deepest layers of the face. 
Face Cleanser

Biotique Honey Gel Refreshing Foaming Face Cleanser

Want to know what Sundays done right look like? Netflix, check. Brekkie-in-bed, check. Face mask, check. This newest addition to your skincare arsenal is going to have you looking LIT, trust us. With a divine-smelling, potent serum (full of, you guessed it – Avocado Oil) it’s your one-and-only weapon to bust out dry spots, beat flaky skin and leave your face in a velvety veil of moisture.  
Face Moisturizer

VLCC Honey Moisturiser

Warm sweater-weather is just around the corner and dryness won’t stand a chance. This time around our Avocado-enriched body butter is taking intense hydration to the next level. The nutrient-rich formula literally melts into your skin leaving it feeling soft, (and not-sticky) to touch. For maximum results, soon after a shower massage your body from head-to-toe with this food for the gods.   
Face Masks

Forest Essentials Facial Treatment Masque Madhulika Nourishing Honey Lep

Remember when grandma tied your locks up in oily pigtails and applied that messy (but magical) cream on your face? Taking cue from ancient Ayurveda, this all-natural, home-made masque combines fermented raw Sugar Cane, fresh Orange juice, herbs, oils, and you guessed right, Honey, for an intoxicating spa-like experience. The anti-microbial properties soothe while detoxifying the face for literally glowing-from-within skin.
Lip Balm

Vaadi Herbals Lip Balm - Strawberry & Honey

Winter is almost here and what a sore sight dry lips are. But, there’s absolutely no reason to fret on cool, breezy nights as we’ve got the best of naturals – moisturizing Honey and antioxidant-filled Strawberry. Get the best of both worlds in this truly organic combination that aims to protect and hydrate your lips. Also enriched with vitamin E and Almond oil, the sugary concoction can’t get better than this.
Body Wash

The Body Shop Almond Milk & Honey Soothing & Caring Shower Cream

From the hive to your home, this soap-free shower gel is specially formulated to treat sensitive skinned gals. The soothing blend enriched with organic Almond milk and community trade Honey is gentle yet effective and won’t strip your skin of its natural moisture. Soothing and cleansing it lathers extremely quickly with an intense sweetly-scented fragrance. Dermatologically-tested and hypoallergenic it gets rid of dryness too.
Body Butter

Forest Essentials Hand & Body Lotion - Mashobra Honey & Vanilla

This aromatic body butter is luxuriously rich and fragrant. Infused with Kokum butter along with burnt sugar and organic beeswax, it provides long-lasting deep nutrition that your body has been craving for. The velvety cream also protects the skin from sun damage as well as from aging. Apply it daily for visibly improved skin texture, and an even tone that feels soft and smooth to touch.
Hair Care

Palmer's Manuka Flower Honey Strengthening Shampoo

The newest beauty fad is to go au-naturel and this nourishing set of both shampoo and conditioner is both paraben and SLS-free. Loaded with Manuka flower Honey, Amla oil, Cocoa and Shea butters, the duo adds a glossy sheen to lacklustre hair, leaving it frizz-free. Combined with essential nutrients and minerals it strengthens each hair follicle, conditioning and strengthening from deep within. A soft, bouncy mane is a wash away.
Moisturizing Wipes

Kara Moisturizing Wipes With Honey And Almond (30 Wipes)

If you’re always on-the-go with zero time for fussing around, pull out this knight in ‘sugary’ armour. With 100% viscose sheets that are extremely gentle on the skin, they’re disposable and don’t leave any residue post wiping. Almond and Honey extracts cleanse the face under a minute while simultaneously exfoliating. The easy-to-pull resealable pack locks in fragrance too.
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