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Summer Hair Color Trends

Must-try summer hair colors to liven up your tresses this fall

As the days move from sweltering summer heat to softer sunshine and cooler nights, it’s the perfect time to add some luminous shine to your tresses. Frankly, all that sunshine is as bad for your hair as it for your skin, and whether it’s dyed or not, hair color takes a serious beating through summer months. Well, fall is here and it’s time to change up your look.

What better way to do it than to embrace four of the hottest summer hair color trends this time of year.

1. Rich Chocolate

There are so many ways medium and dusky beauties can embrace this yummy hair color trend. In fact, chocolate brown hair has undergone a transformation of sorts. You have such an array of yummy shades to choose from; milk chocolate, dark chocolate, spicy chocolate or even raspberry-tinted chocolate. You’ll have the sweetest hair of all, guaranteed! Choose your chocolate from the delicious selection from L’Oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss Hair Color. If you don’t want to dramatically change up your hue but wants the ends to look noticeably lighter, look for ‘medium-to-light brown’ on hair color kits and then get caramel highlights from mid shaft to ends at your salon.  Meanwhile if you prefer a deep brown hue with a reddish cast, go with a shade that’s part brown and part auburn (like Scarlett Johansson). Look for terms like ‘deep brown/auburn’ or ‘dark auburn’ on at-home box kits. Finally, if you want to go dark but not fully, add caramel highlights randomly to add instant dimension like Kim Kardashian does so well. First color all over with box kits that say ‘deepest brown’ or ‘brown/black’ and then add caramel-honey highlights.

summer hair colors- rich chocolate
summer hair colors- blonde

2. Go Blonde

Yes bronde, that perfect shade between blonde and brunette, first made popular in 2007 by supermodel Gisele Bundchenand and Natalie Portman (pictured). It’s an edgier take on the naturally highlighted look and a perfect way to add a bit of drama to basic brown this fall. It’s a lovely way for dark haired beauties to lighten up their locks without looking like sunbaked hay, (never a good look!). Hair stylist Teresa Chen says the trick to mastering the trend is “to choose a hue that is only two shades lighter or darker than your natural tone. This way it will look very natural,” she says. Start by painting select layers on top of the crown with two different volumes of color lifting creams, scattering honey-blonde slices around the eyes, cheekbones, and neckline. Such coloring gives darker hair depth and dimension without making it look like you’re trying to be the blonde you’re not.

3. Coppery hues

Low maintenance beauties who can’t be bothered with frequent touchups are in for some good news! Short hair is trending once again and with that comes block color. All over, global color is a gorgeous look and the most popular shades are copper, faded red and rusty red. A deep copper (like Cheryl Cole) oozes fall, but if you’re put off by the shade you could opt for so many variations of this color, from all over deep ginger and fiery copper to copper penny. Adding copper highlights or lowlights automatically adds bounce to hair and works wonderfully with fair to medium complexions (think Julia Roberts). Similarly, deep copper with highlights in lighter coppery gold can give a soft golden halo effect to your hair reminiscent of the setting sun. Nykaa loves Garnier Color Naturals - 6.6 Intense Red and BBLUNT Salon Secret High Shine Creme Hair Colour - Wine Deep Burgundy 4.20

summer hair colors- coppery hues
summer hair colors- ombre

4. Fancy ombré

The ombré hair trend is fast being replaced by sombré, a subtler version of its predecessor. Chen says the look is all about lowlights in the under layers and roots to fade out harsh contrasts. It looks great on brunettes and is easy to maintain because the color graduation from roots to tips is so subtle. This ‘subtle ombré’ incorporates lighter shades in a more natural way instead of pairing dramatic colors together, so your base color casually transitions into lighter shades thanks to strategic placed highlights around your face, ending with heavy highlights towards the tips. The look is all about being slightly lighter and brighter at the ends, and the best part, it looks great on all skins. Nykaa thinks Jessica Alba, Lily Aldridge and Mila Kunis are perfect examples of this new trend (pictured here).

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