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Hot Oil Champis To Fix All Your Winter Hair Concerns

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My skin and hair have a mind of their own in winters – they keep flipping from being dry, flaky and itchy to oily and dull every second day. Winters are harsh. The climate around you, the temperature of your bathing water, woollen knits: everything seems to attack my body, especially my hair. Solution? Hot oil champis, y’all!

Ahead, plush wonder oils (squeezed out of nature’s finest nuts and fruits) that promise to work their magic to heal, nourish and revive your crowning glory— designed to shoo away all your worries with a soothing, stress-numbing head massage.

Check out these fabulous hair oils for all your winter concerns.

hot oil – st. botanica

1. Frizzy & Dry

If you have naturally dry hair, chances are you will have a messy afro throughout your winter days. Frizzy hair doubles up in winters, making your scalp itchy and dry. All you need is a nice hot oil champi at least 2-3 hours before you shampoo.

Hot Oil for you: Argan or Marula Oil as your base, with a few drops of Avocado Oil to soothe your frantic tresses.

2. Dull & Sticky

While your natural oils are at work, the weather makes your hair feel lifeless and dull. Sticky or oily hair needs a revival this season with essential oils that bring out a non-sticky shine to your hair. Make sure you don’t keep the oil on for too long. A thorough 20 minute champi should do the work. Make sure you wash right after.

Hot Oil for you: Sweet Almond Oil as your base, with a teaspoon of Tea Tree Oil and a few drops of Rosemary Oil for oil control and lively hair.

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3. Falling Hair

Winter marks the arrival of dry, cold winds. The atmosphere around you becomes much less humid, sucking out the moisture from your scalp, making your hair prone to excessive hair fall. Get a nice hot oil champi and sit in the sun for some extra Vitamin D before you wash your hair.

Hot Oil for you: Coconut Oil is your saviour, especially when heated with fenugreek (methi) and curry leaves. Onion oil can also help in hair growth.

4. Flaky Scalp

Another big concern during winters – recurring dandruff. Other than the dry, cold air, other factors like hot showers and hair accessories like beanies can cause dandruff that just won’t go away. Hot oil champis can reduce the flakes and maintain your scalp’s oil balance.

Hot Oil for you: Castor Oil as your base. Its very rich and thick, so mix with Coconut or Bhringha Oil to maintain your head’s natural moisture.

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Pro Tip:

Get Vitamin E oil capsules and empty one in your hot oil right before your champi. Also create a very diluted concoction of coconut oil, aloe vera and water to spray as a post shower serum to combat dry, cold winds.

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