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Hot. Right. Now. Nykaa’s Paintstix Collection

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Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, Nykaa dropped another cosmetic bomb. This time around in the form of eight remarkably potent lipstick shades that are an extension of their recently launched Paintstix Collection. High color intensity, a soft matte finish, and single-stroke application, here’s everything you need to know. Also, did we mention the range is cruelty-free? Yes, no bunnies were harmed in the making of these daringly bold lipsticks that stay on, all day long!
Sultry and sexy, this dark pink shade is exactly what your pretty pout needs. Swipe on for a hint of drama with oodles of confidence. If you imagined living life in the fast lane, champagne flute in hand, consider this tinge your BFF.
It’s been said that’s there’s a lipstick for every mood, errr, cross that, there’s a pink for every mood! Get a hold on the boldest, most badass shade in town right now that you always count on.  One more thing, it’s the hottest shade of the range.
Who can deny a delectable glass of Rose?  But for days when wine seems a distant dream, we’ve got the next best thing, Rosé on your lips! This blush pink is too cheery to leave out of your vanity. But, be warned, teetotalers won’t be able to resist it either.
A bubblegum pink is cute but consider this tint the party-goer of the pack. For days when a little mischief is all you need to keep the spark alive, count of this one with undertones of brown to always have some fun in the sun.
A dash of lipstick never hurt anyone. This pale pink hue is the perfect combination of flirty fun combined with an air of mystery when swiped on. Call it your secret bullet because it’ll be there for you come rain or shine.
Ever wanted the best of both worlds, orange and nude? We want it too! Well, stop wondering and start hoarding cause the lovechild of a coy coral and a bored nude looks like Sweet Honeymoon: a peachy-nude that compliments all skin tones.
We all know the #IWokeUpLikeThis ‘no-makeup’ makeup look is trending like crazy. So, to boost the fashion-frenzy Nykaa’s added its own shade to the party. Have a look at your next-best nude. Pair it with statement accessories and you’ll be the talk of town, pinky promise.
The last shade of the range is another brownish nude that we’ve set our heart on. Why you ask? Well, it’s simple. A full rounded mouth is a thing – yes, you read that right. Don’t believe us; turn to celebs like Huda or Kylie for steamy lip inspo. Just swipe on the almost nude-brown and let your smile do all the talking.
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So, which of these babies are you taking home tonight?
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