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How Extended Work Hours Negatively Affect Your Life

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How Extended Work Hours Negatively Affect Your Life - 1
When ‘normal’ work hours become a thing of the past, consider it a red flag for your overall health and relationships. Working professionals, mostly from the IT sector, are made to stretch their usual office hours on a regular basis. Since its pretty much become the norm, most people just end up convincing themselves that a little less sleep doesn’t kill anybody. Sadly, its more than what it looks like. Extended working hours lead to many health, psychological, and social issues that you need to be wary of.
  • We are all bound by what’s called the circadian rhythm, the 24-hour natural rhythmicity to many of our bodily functions. When your working, eating, and sleeping phases undergo a change, it messes up with your body’s internal clock and leads to sleeping or eating disorders. Disturbed sleep can be easily cured by GNC Melatonin 3mg.
  • Burning the midnight oil can eventually lead to adverse effects on mental health, more specifically anxiety and depression. Studies indicate that anyone who clocks more than 55 hours at work every week has poorer mental skills, including short-term memory loss, and even long-term brain damage and dementia.
  • Long work hours eventually come at the expense of any physical activity and diet plans. You end up spending more time constantly sitting at your work desk, leading to weight gain and poor posture. Weight loss help is right here.
  • The risk of heart diseases increases markedly by 67% for people who work long hours compared to people who work the standard 7-8 hours a day, according to a recent survey. Clearly toting up all that overtime isn’t helping your heart.
  • There is increasing evidence to suggest that working late nights presents significant risk to women of child bearing age.
  • Repetitive work in a single position increases the risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders that damages the body’s muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons and nerves, since you’re not giving your body enough time to repair itself. Here’s what you need to treat joint pain.
  • The irony is that long work hours are counterproductive. If you consistently work late, you get burned out easily and productivity eventually declines. And then you spend more hours trying to catch up on neglected tasks and meeting deadlines.
  • Most of us brush aside the idea of being fatigued without realizing the consequences. Symptoms of fatigue from extended workdays include sleepiness, weariness, poor concentration, irritability and increased susceptibility to illness.
  • Lastly, your social life gets hampered big time! Having no life outside work eventually distances you from your loved ones. You no longer have dinner with your family, you cancel all plans with friends due to lack of free time, and all of this makes them feel increasingly neglected. Leaving your partner alone at night can also ultimately lead to marital strain and family dysfunction.
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