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How Technology Is Redefining Beauty

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As the world moves online, beauty retailers are scrambling over themselves to integrate augmented reality into beauty apps so that customers can virtually try on products, experiment with textures and find their perfect match, as they lounge on their drawing room sofas. Beauty brands are investing heavily in game changing technologies; artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR) and 3D printing.

Top 9 Beauty Technology Trends That’ll Amaze You

  1. augmented reality beauty apps

    1. ModiFace Skin AI

    Developed after a decade of research at Stanford University in collaboration with dermatologists to measure the precise condition of your skin, this beauty technology tool was launched in 2016. Launched by ModiFace, a leading name in the augmented reality space, the technology can detect and quantify minute skin changes such as dark spots, discoloration, dryness, uneven skin, and rosacea, besides photo-realistic makeup simulation with dynamic lighting adaption, and photo-realistic hair color and style simulation. Trusted by over 70 of the top global beauty brands, ModiFace’s SDK is the most widely used AR technology by many players in the beauty industry including L’Oreal and Unilever.

  2. 2. L’Oreal’s Kérastase Hair Coach

    Touted as the world’s first smart hair brush, this was launched in 2017. Developed by Kérastase, a leader in professional hair care, in partnership with Withings, a leader in the connected health revolution, and in collaboration with L’Oréal’s Research and Innovation Technology Incubator, the brush has several innovative features. These include a microphone that measures frizziness, dryness, split ends and breakage. This new beauty technology also has an inbuilt accelerometer and gyroscope that analyses brushing patterns and brush strokes, besides conductivity sensors that measure whether the brush is being used on dry or wet hair and detecting hair quality during and after brushing.All good, but how does that improve your hair quality? The signal analysis algorithms embedded in the hairbrush recommends customized products for improving
    hair care to users.  

    beauty technology trends
  3. latest beauty technology

    3. UV Sense

    Introduced by L’Oreal Paris, this wearable battery-free, circular stick-on can be stuck on your nail to track your sun exposure through the day. This NFC-enabled device also provides a score that says whether you’re spending too much time in the sun. Comes with additional adhesives so it can be reused. Useful when you’re on a beach vacay and getting more sun than you need!

  4. 4. Estée Lauder’s Nighttime Expert App

    Last November Estée Lauder launched Nighttime Expert in collaboration with Google Home to enable a chat experience for its users looking for a personalized night-time skincare routine. To use this app, all a user has to say to their Assistant on Google Home is “Ok Google, can I talk to the Estée Lauder Nighttime Expert.” What follows are personalized skincare recommendations arrived at after a Q&A session, along with an opportunity to learn skincare application techniques too.

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  5. beauty technology trends – HiMirror

    5. HiMirror

    Close on its heels is the Amazon Alexa voice controlled smart mirror, the HiMirror with a built-in camera by the New Kinpo Group that provides daily skin analyses, goals and results, along with beauty advice, personalized recommendations and augmented reality to allow users to virtually try on makeup. This latest beauty technology also allows you to scan your skincare products into the device to reorder or get notifications when expiration dates are coming up.

  6. 6. Neutrogena Skin 360 app

    This is a sensor-based skin scanning device with an accompanying app that allows you to analyse your skin's hydration, pore size, and the formation of fine lines. The SkinScanner tool fits over the top of your phone and has an ultra-magnifying lens with built-in LED lights and sensors. Every time you scan, the app provides you with a unique Skin360 Score that changes as your skin does. It also offers product recommendations based on the information gleaned by the
    Skin Scanner.

    makeup technology trends – Face masks
  7. makeup technology trends – Face masks

    7.Foreo UFO

    Face masks are having a moment and there’s nary a woman who doesn’t slap on a face mask for radiant, smooth and soft skin. Foreo was determined to device a better way. Enter, the UFO, the world's most advanced smart mask. Combining it with other spa-worthy technologies, including LED light therapy, cryotherapy, thermotherapy and T-sonic pulsation, the gadget puts you on the fast track to flawless-looking skin. In just 90 seconds!
    How good can it get?

  8. 8. Samsung S Skin

    A year ago, Samsung launched S Skin, a prototype from Samsung’s C lab department. This skincare tool analyses skin conditions such as dryness or skin tone with a combination of cameras, photosensors, and conductivity sensors. It then throws up recommendations for improvement along with skin therapy by integrating micro-needle patches that contain skin friendly ingredients like collagen.

    beauty technology – Skincare tool
  9. makeup technology trends - YouCam Makeup App

    9. Perfect Corp’s YouCam Makeup App

    Combining AI and AR technologies, Perfect Corp unveiled its flagship app, YouCam Makeup, at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Similar to Rimmel’s “Get the Look”, this augmented reality beauty app allows users to take a photo of a makeup look and then try that exact look on their own face using AR. It also allows real-time AR hair coloring, allowing users to experiment with different shades. Trying out purple streaks was never easier!

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