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How To Achieve Perfect Glass Skin With Products From The K-Shop At Our Global Store

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Ever since we’ve heard about Korean ‘glass skin’, we’ve been on a quest to achieve it, and boy, it’s a hard quest. This ultra-hydrated, plump, lustrous and youthful-looking skin demands a lot more than skincare fads can promise, because a truly translucent complexion requires a dedicated and careful regimen including double cleansing and deeply hydrating rituals.

Why is it called ‘glass’ skin, you may ask? Because of its flawless, reflective, poreless finish. Think of skin so impeccably smooth and hydrated, it’s glossy! While being blessed with great genes may help, it’s actually possible for most people to achieve this with the right regimen specific to your skin type. Be warned: This routine includes various steps and layers. To simplify it a little, you can use products that cover multiple steps as well.

Double cleanse and exfoliate > Hydrate and tone > Add an essence or a serum > Deeply hydrate with masks > Layer with moisturisers > Finish with sun protection

Ahead,  check out our list of highly effective Korean beauty products to kickstart your glass skin ritual.

1. G9SKIN Ac Solution Foam Cleanser

Begin your journey to healthy beauty with G9SKIN’s gentle and sensitive-skin-friendly foam cleanser. Made with plant ingredients, it lowers stimulation and soothes irritated skin. It also contains salicylic acid that helps remove sebum and dead cells from your skin. It is mild and great for cleaning up your makeup.

2. AIRIVE Airy Skin Spa Cleanser + Brightoning & Mild Scrub

Double cleanse with AIRIVE’s mild hydrogen cleanser. Made with brightening active enzymes and power grains, this powdered solution gives you a spa-like experience of deep cleansing. It contains excellent anti-oxidants and ingredients that gently pushes out impurities from your pores while adding radiance to your skin.

3. Acelly Dewdrop Toner

An important step in K-routine, a toner levels out your skin’s pH and allows the next layers to absorb better. To add to its potent use, Acelly’s Dewdrop Toner contains highly nourishing ingredients like 10 types of hyaluronic acid molecules that will replenish the skin’s moisture from deep within. All you need to do is pat your face with a toner-soaked cotton pad.

4. Tara Bha Overnight Velvet Peel

Masters of ‘sea therapy’, Tara is a brand that truly believes in achieving healthy skin by using exclusive, natural healing ingredients found deep in the sea to unlock extensive radiance. This two-week exfoliator kit will improve your skin’s elasticity and reduce the signs of ageing. The velvet peel contains super ingredients like hyaluronic acid, marine collagen and seawater.

5. PRO RE NATA Aloe Vera Calming Serum

A staple in every glass skin routine is a hydrating serum with antioxidant and humectant nutrients. Pick one to target your specific skin concerns and nourish your skin’s texture. With aloe vera as the main ingredient, this gel-to-mist serum is a multi-purpose product that provides long-lasting hydration, soothes skin and keeps the skin barrier healthy and strong.

6. G9SKIN White In Moisture Cream

The next step is to moisturise your skin well. This non-sticky, pudding-like textured cream is sure to become your ultimate favourite. It is easily absorbed by your skin and is packed with good-for-skin and brightening ingredients like glutathione, ceramide, shea butter, and various fruit and vegetable extracts. Result: smooth, hydrated and translucent skin.

7. MONGDIES Sun Cream

This needs to be a non-negotiable step in your skincare. Everything else will be a waste if you let your skin be exposed to sun damage. With seven herbs and four types of cica ingredients, this mild sun cream is 100% safe and inorganic. Even the deep ocean water used to build the formula helps maintain the mineral balance as close to the human body as possible. Bonus: it’s great for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

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