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How To Use Highlighter For A Lit Glow

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how to use highlighter

Highlighters may not be the latest fad in makeup, but it’s safe to say that that lit-from-within glow they offer is here to stay. Who knew that a little pixie dust can make such a dramatic difference? Today, even a lazy stroll in the makeup aisle or a single scroll while shopping online will showcase many options to choose from. Be it liquid, cream or powder highlighters, they do the job perfectly well - provided you know how and where to apply them. Which is why here we are, digging up on how to use highlighter on face for a dazzling look. Ready? Set. Glow!

What Are Highlighters Exactly?

Just like its name suggests, highlighter’s job is to ‘highlight’ the features of your face, making them look more prominent. They also add a natural-looking dimension, which is especially useful when you’ve used a full-coverage foundation. These high-shine, light-reflecting products bring focus to the high points of your face and any other body part you want to highlight (more on that later) and the results TBH, are breathtaking.

Where To Apply Highlighter?

Highlighters have a very simple application protocol - apply them where the light would naturally hit - this will give that natural-looking glow that we’re chasing. So, this would mean the top of your cheekbone, your brow bone, cupid’s bow, and the bridge/tip of your nose.

But that is not it, you can use a highlighter to enhance any body part. Wearing an off-shoulder or deep-cut top? Apply some highlighter on your décolletage and collar bones. Stepping out in a dress or skirt? Run down some highlighter at the center of your legs. This celeb-approved trick is perfect for the next time you’re stepping out for a date night or going to a party with the gang.

Which Formulation Should You Pick?

There’s powder, there’s cream, there liquid - which one should you pick? To put it simply, if you want an all-out glow, then powder highlighters are the best. Their pigment payoff is superior since they are more buildable. Plus, they’re perfect if you have oily skin. Cream or liquid highlighters on the other hand, have a sheer coverage and are ideal for people with dry to combination skin. Lastly, based on your preference and skin tone, feel free to take your pick out of the many shades out there - from holographic to pearl finish, the choices will spoil you.

How To Apply Highlighter On Face?

There is one ground rule that you must adhere to - powders go on top of powders and liquid or cream goes on top of other liquid or cream products. If you’ve used a liquid or cream foundation or BB cream, make sure that you’re either using the highlighter in the same consistency. If not, set the makeup using a loose powder and then use a powder highlighter. This way, the highlighter will stay put and not skid or crease later.

How To Apply Powder Highlighter

Step 1: Take a fan brush or a small tapered brush and lightly brush it over your highlighter, tap off the excess.

Step 2: Keeping a light hand, sweep it across the high points of your cheekbones and the bridge of your nose. You may use your finger or a smaller brush to apply it on your cupid’s bow or brow bone.

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Kay Beauty Illuminating Highlighter

How To Apply Liquid Highlighter

Step 1: Take a little quantity of the liquid highlighter and dab it across the points you want to highlight. Then using your finger/brush/beauty blender, blend it out for a sheer, illuminating glow.

Step 2: You can ace a lit-from-within glow by mixing a little liquid highlighter with your liquid/cream foundation.

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Nykaa Strobe & Glow Liquid Highlighter - Gold Mine

How To Apply Cream Highlighter

Step 1: Just like your liquid highlighter, take some cream highlighter and dab it on the points you want to stand out.

Step 2: Using your fingers/beauty blender blend it out in a stippling motion.

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M.A.C Strobe Cream - Goldlite

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