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How To Avoid The Most Common Bridal Makeup Mistakes

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There is no other day in your life perhaps when you will be photographed as much as your wedding day! There are photos clicked from each and every angle, and being conscious about it is not going to make things any better! Remember, no one knows your skin and problem areas as well as you, not even the MUA, who has been hired just for the time being. Yes, your makeup artist can work well to highlight the good and hide the bad, but the best thing you can do is make sure you don't make these common makeup mistakes we spot on brides, especially when they end up doing the makeup themselves!
Not getting a trial If you are getting an MUA for your wedding, getting a trial done is essential. That's because it will not only help you and the MUA communicate and understand what you want and the problem areas better, but also save a lot of time on the big day! Try carrying your wedding lehenga or whatever outfit you're wearing along with you, or maybe a photo, so that she has a better idea for what look to work on.
Foundation Mistakes
Might sound like a basic problem, but trust us, there are so many times when brides get it wrong. Here are some common foundation issues we spot...
  • The foundation does not match. It should either be of exactly the same colour, or a shade lighter.  And more than that, it is important to match the undertones of the foundation- whether you skin is pinkish, yellowish or neutral.
  • Also, if you are planning to go lighter than your natural colour, then it is important to make sure the neck, the ears and the décolletage are the same colour as well.
  • Using a foundation with an SPF is also a strict no, because it reflects back in flash photography, giving the bride a ghastly white cast.
  • Not choosing a foundation as per your skin type is also a terrible mistake. Make sure to explain to the MUA your skin type clearly- whether it's super oily, combination, normal or dry. The foundation should be chosen on the basis of that, so that dry skin does not become drier and oily skin an oil slick on the face.
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Eye Makeup Mistakes
  • Multicoloured eyeshadow! We understand it is your wedding, but that is no reason to overload the eyelid with 10 colours! Stick to either a subtle gold/brown or a smokey eye when in doubt- that will not fail you. And not priming the eyelid before the makeup can lead to disaster- like fallout of sparkly shadow or ugly creases.
  • Your MUA is not going to be following you around everywhere- so if you opt for fake eyelashes, make sure your sister or BFF has a tube of that adhesive and knows how to use it! The fire from the mandap tends to make eyelashes not stick as well, and a lot of brides struggle with that last minute! And also, two words- waterproof mascara!
  • Eyebrows should never be filled in with black pencil or powder- no matter how dark they may be. Always use brown or grey to make it look natural.
Blush Mistakes
  • The wrong spot. Blush should be put in different places for every face shape, so make sure the blush on your face is apt for your face type.
  • Overloading the blush. It should be more than what you normally put, but still blended out. Overloading the blush can make it clash with the rest of the makeup.
Nykaa recommends: Lakme Face Sheer Blusher
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Contouring Mistakes
  • Using too much highlighter. We understand it is in these days, but using chunky or gritty highlighter and using too much of it can make the face look oddly shiny in photos that use flash instead of that angelic glow its supposed to give. It should be on the right spot, and blended well. Plus, oily skin does get a natural shine after some time, so use highlighter on that wisely.
  • Muddy bronzer. Contouring the face with bronzer is also the 'it' thing these days, but make sure to not go more than 2-3 shades darker, otherwise it might look muddy. Your face will be photographed from every side on the wedding, so harsh contour lines will show. Make sure it is all blended well, and the sides of your cheek do not look muddy.
Lipstick Mistakes
  • Matte lipsticks are mostly what cuts it for weddings, and they require smooth and supple lips to look nice. So make sure lips are exfoliated before hand, or it's going to cling to dry areas and make them obvious.
  • Lipliners extend the wear of lipsticks, but make sure the lipliner is either nude or exactly the same shade as the lipstick. There should be no separate boundary on the lips, but the liner and lipstick should blend seamlessly.
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Not locking makeup in place
  • Not locking makeup in place, especially concealer is very important, so that it stays in place. Using pressed powder on the T-zone or areas which are generally oily is also a step which should not be skipped.
Remember, not packing a makeup kit, with the essentials and blotting sheets to touch up and soak up the oil is also a big mistake! You might need to powder your nose or reapply the lipstick after a meal!
So follow these simple steps and look gorgeous on your big day!
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