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getting ready for zoom meeting

I’m in my jammies, researching about my next article on the couch, feet up, head nestled in my cushions, when the 10-minute reminder of a work video-meeting pops up on my laptop. I have 10 minutes to turn my no-makeup, just-woke-up look to a professional one. This is a recurring work scenario as it happens to me almost every second day.

Video calls have become the inevitable ‘new normal’ that we’re still getting used to. While most of us have (finally) nailed the camera angle right – we sit facing the light (preferably natural) and keep our laptops close to eye level – I feel all of us can still use a bit of help to put our best faces forward on calls.

The actual problem lies with our looks. I’ve noticed people online with hair drama, acne or even just dull skin, that could’ve easily been avoided. When it comes to video calls, all your need is a fresh, active look rather than a sleepy, stay-at-home one, and you don’t need a full blast of makeup to tackle that.

Here’s a 5-minute guide to look lively and fresh without any hassle.

#1 Even out your skin tone

Time Taken: 40 seconds

Let’s face it, we live in an HD world. A tiny dark spot can become distinctly visible and ruin your entire look. Even dry skin stands out on screen. As there’s no time to conceal and cake up, I recommend using a moisturising BB or CC cream. It will hydrate your skin to look fresh instantly and hide any blemishes from popping out. Easy peasy.

makeup for video call – step 1- even out skin tone
makeup for video call – step 2- applying Kajal

#2 Kohl Before Call

Time Taken: 20 seconds

If you’re Indian, you know the magical wonders of fresh Kajal. It instantly pops your eyes to look more alive, diverts the attention from any dark circles, and make your face look brighter. If you are facing natural light for your call, all you need is Kajal to quickly add some drama to your plain look. You can quickly add some mascara to open up your lashes better too.

#3 Natural Tints Are Your BFFs

Time Taken: 20 seconds

I’m crushing on the new ‘lip tint’ craze. It makes my lips look plumper and richer, all the while looking natural. It’s the stuff of pure genius! Trust us when we tell you this minimal, translucent tint naturally enhances your dull look. Pick a color that will go with just about everything, so you can wear it every day – a pink or a nude.

makeup for video call – step 3- tint your lips
makeup for video call – step 4- use of dry shampoo for sleek hair

#4 Sleek Hair, Please Care

Time Taken: 2 minutes

Sleek and knot-less hair are in, and I know how hard it can be to maintain them at home. My scalp is oily and thus my hair can get messy too soon, too often. Which is why, my favorite 5-minute trick is a good dry shampoo. There’s no need for any intricate styling, or even an elaborate updo. With dry shampoos, you can instantly get happy, bouncy hair in like 10 seconds. Add a nourishing leave-in for some extra shine. If you still wish to tie up your hair, try a loose yet professional ponytail or a hair band.

#5 Minute to spare? Add some drama!

Time Taken: 3 minutes

If all of this is done within 3 minutes, and you still have a few minutes to log in, add in some color to your eyes. Because a little bit of nude eye shadow can work magic to liven up your look. Just quickly swipe in your favorite brown or nude on your lids, pat it for a slightly smokey, easy look. Another big winner is a mild pink blush that will instantly liven up your face.

makeup for video call – step 5- applying eyeshadow
makeup for video call – step 6- face mist

#6 Work Face All Day? Face Mists to the Rescue

Time Taken: 3 seconds

Back to back video calls can be mundane. No matter how vibrant your makeup makes you look on your first call, by the time you reach your 3rd or 4th one, your face is back to being dull again. Enter face mists. Not only will the feeling of cool, fresh flavoured aqua refresh your mood, but a great mist with ingredients like cucumber or aloe will brighten up your skin.

P.S: ICYMI, Zoom has filters too. Look for ‘Video Settings’ at the bottom left corner and select ‘Touch Up My Appearance’. Thank us later!

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