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How To Blow Dry Your Hair Like A Pro

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The perfect blowout has the power of flipping a #BadHairDay into a practically #NeverBetterHairDay in no time. And it’s a total myth that you cannot achieve a salon-style blowout at home. With the correct blow-drying tips, you’ll be strutting out with a fresh blowout almost every day.

Read on to know how to blow dry your hair like an expert:

  • How To Blow Dry Straight Hair

    • For straight tresses, a blow-dryer with 1800W and multiple heat/air settings works best.
    • In case your hair is too limp, start by distributing a volumizing leave-in cream or mousse through it when its damp.
    • Secure the crown section with a hair clip and start drying the lower section with a round brush. Divide it into smaller sections and point the nozzle downward for long-lasting smoothness.
    • Once the lower half is done, secure it and start with the upper half. Aim at the roots to add more volume, using the brush to pull hair forward and out.
    • Once all sections are complete, flip all hair behind, part and dry the area above your forehead.

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  • How To Blow Dry Curly Hair

    • Since you don’t want to distort those gorgeous curls, 1200W with a (very critical) diffuser is all you need.
    • To keep the moisture intact in your curls, apply a creamy leave-in curl defining conditioner before you begin with the blasting heat.
    • Set the dryer to medium heat and speed. Now starting at the nape, place the diffuser at the roots and gently move around drying all the roots.
    • Let the ends dry naturally because blow-drying curly ends tends to make them frizzy.

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  • Common Blow-Drying Mistakes That You Should Avoid

    Here are some tips for blow-drying hair:
    • Investing in a cheap blow dryer, thinking that it’s good enough to do the job is the biggest mistake you can do. Though smarter dryers need you to chip in more moolah, they come with amazing hair-saving features like high power, multiple heat settings, a cool shot, and ionic air technology. Basically, you still get to have complete control over the heat damage.

    • You keep wet hair wrapped in a towel for way too long. A better idea would be to let your hair air-dry while you get dressed, and then start the blow-drying process. Going from a towel to a blow-dryer in seconds feeds to your hairfall problems since roots are the most vulnerable when wet.

    • Minimizing heat damage is possible with a little help of a trusted heat-protectant spray. We recommend using the Wella Professionals EIMI Thermal Image Heat Protection Spray, Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair Cares or the Protects Total Repair Heat Protection Spray, L'Occitane Heat-Protective Control Mist.

    • You’re probably using the wrong brush. Go for a round brush for a voluminous, bouncy look. A boar-bristle brush is ideal for coarse, frizzy hair.

    • Constant movement is the key to striking the balance between a great blowout and minimal heat damage. Don’t hold the nozzle at one spot for long; go for an extra two rounds with the brush instead of one prolonged round.

    • Despite how daunting the task may seem, especially if you’re blessed with thick hair, sectioning your hair correctly is very important. Keep in mind that the smaller the sections, the better the blowout. Comb your locks to remove any tangles, and then neatly create individual sections. Use hair clips to hold them in place.

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