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How to choose the right straightener for your hair type

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Best Straightener Guide
Flat irons or straighteners are the key to getting glossy, smooth hair. Hair straighteners are multi-purpose; they not only straighten your hair but also can be used to curl your hair. There’s no dearth of straighteners in all sizes, materials and shapes, so it’s confusing knowing which one to buy. It’s important to choose wisely to prevent damaging your precious strands.

Scroll down to find out the perfect straightener for your hair type.

1. Hair type - Fine Hair

best hair straightener for women with fine hair
Thin and fine hair is damaged easily. Avoid straighteners that have just one heat setting. Pick a straightener with multiple heat settings; this will allow you to control the heat. Also, you don’t need much heat, because it’s relatively easy to straighten fine hair.

2. Hair type – Thick Hair

Choose a straightener that has higher heat settings. This will allow you to straighten your hair in one or two strokes. If you have a low-temperature setting you will have to go over and over the same section of hair repeatedly, increasing the chances of damaging cuticles.
best hair straightener for women with thick hair

3. Hair Type- Curly Hair

best hair straightener for women with curly hair
Curly hair is the most prone to frizz and one of the most difficult to straighten. To make your life easier, invest in a flat iron with wider plates as they provide more grip and straightens larger portions of hair, all in one go. Plus, this will cut down your styling time by half!

4. Hair Type- Damaged Hair

Well, the best straightener for damaged hair is no straightener at all. But if you have to, then it's best to pick one that has multiple heat settings. This way, you prevent exposing your strands to extreme temperatures that lead to heat damage. Oh, and one with rounded edges will prevent snagging and hair loss. Just, please don't forget a heat protectant, while you are at it.
best hair straightener for women with damaged hair
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