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How to find THE red lipstick for your skin tone

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Sure a woman can never have too many lipsticks but when you’re flummoxed about what to wear, just go red. We all know that red lipstick shades are virtually fail-proof and always in vogue. There’s something mystical and stunning about a dark red lipstick yet most women are wary of it, thanks to the constant fear of looking OTT. But once you find YOUR best red lipstick, you’ll thank us forever. Keep reading till you meet your match!

Here are some sure-shot tips to finding your perfect match among all those red lipstick shades out there:

Red Lipsticks For Fair Skin Tone

If you have fair skin, vibrant blue-reds with an undertone of pink will make your lips pop. Corals and cherry reds look the prettiest on you. They add the correct pop of shot of color without looking supremely overwhelming.

Red Lipsticks For Wheatish Skin Tone

Congratulations if you are a medium skinned girl. You can pull off any red. But there are certain shades that are more flattering than others and add an instant pop to your pout. Your go-to shade can be the orange-red or blood red.

Red Lipsticks For Dusky Skin Tone

Red looks equally hot, seductive and enticing on dark-skinned women. Finding the red lipstick for dusky skin is tough but glossy red hues are a walking advertisement. Coral reds with punchy pink undertones were made to enhance darker skins, especially those with a shimmery finish for added dimension. Also try deeper hues or reds with a tint of orange or brown.
Next up, it’s time to round up the best red lipsticks in India. If you’re a beginner, it’s tough to spell the difference between crimsons, sangrias, berries and corals. Here’s a guide that will help you put a finger on your favorite shade.
Blood Reds
This is what we call the perfect hot red lipstick. Easily the brightest member of this color family, blood reds look the best on fair skin tones. However, along with oodles of confidence, you also need the correct makeup look to carry a bright red lipstick. Keep your eye makeup minimal and the rest of your face muted; the idea is to pull off a statement pout.
Think vampy, think burgundy. Probably the one for the experimental chick out there, burgundies are accompanied by hints of purple. If you’re a sucker for bold, right-there lippies, this can be your go-to shade. Complement this lip with thick, mascara-ed lashes and bold brows and there you have it, a statement beauty look, ready to be Instagrammed.
Brick Reds
Brick reds are the coral counterparts of the regular red. With muted orange undertones, this one isn’t your average, done-to-death red. In fact, women with olive or dusky skin tones can pull brick reds off like a pro. If you’re more of a coral person but also love your reds, here’s the ideal meeting ground.
Crimsons are for days when you want to keep it safe. Whoever said that trying a red lip during the day is a bad idea, probably has never been introduced to this gorgeous group of pink-based reds. If worn like a pretty stain, it could give you the result of a light red lipstick. Pair it with a killer winged eye, pink blushed cheeks and you’re good to go.
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