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How to store lingerie and organize your top drawers

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Did you know? Almost all lingerie experts agree that if you don’t store your intimates the right way, you’re basically killing them. And even though the rules of storing and organizing them are fairly simple, even a small wrong move such as folding your padded bras can prove quite damaging. This is why we got our in-house experts to break down the etiquettes of preserving our top drawer stars so that you get to make the most out of them. Ahead, find the rules of storage to follow…

Rule no.1

Separate your molded and non-molded bras. Then stack them neatly in a file in front of one another by colour or patterns – whatever suits you best. You could stack matching panties between the bras even. If you like, you can invest in top drawer dividers and organizers to make the process easier but they’re not a mandate.

Rule no. 2

Always clasp the bras, always! Because if you don’t, they run the risk of getting tangled with the other bras or worse even, they could get hooked on to other bras and pull their fabrics causing damage.

Rule no. 3

No matter how tempting it may seem, folding your bras in half is a strict no-no as it results in the bra losing its shape and form. Some might prefer hanging them but that’s no better for the bra’s life – hanging them can lead to stretched out straps and bands. Panties, though friendly to folding, will be better off when simple laid flat in the drawer.

Rule no.4

Editing your lingerie collection is extremely crucial to organizing your top drawers. Know when it’s time to get rid of your intimates, even if they are some of your most loved. If the colours are fading, edges are fraying, the elasticity is lost, it’s time to say goodbye to your bras and panties.

Rule no.5

Arrange your everyday essentials in the front where they are easily accessible on the daily and then the more special-occasion lingerie at the back so that you can pull those pieces out when the occasion calls.

Rule no.6

Invest in a lingerie laundry bag so that you can regularly store your used delicates separately from your other garments until it’s time to wash – because unlike your trusty denims, it’s imperative you find yourself in a fresh pair of lingerie each day.

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