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How To Take Care Of Your Skin During A Pandemic According To Dr. Kiran Sethi

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You have been doing everything right; dabbling with numerous DIYs, layering on your products, and in all taking extra care of your skin. However, your skin just seems to not love you back. Well, chances are that you might have overcorrected. Echoing a similar sentiment. Kiran Sethi, MD, Celeb Skin & Wellness Expert says, “Many people are overdoing the home DIYs or buying and trying out too many products”. Additionally there are numerous other factors such as stress, anxiety, Covid Masks that have led to the rise of lockdown skin. But what does that entail and how can we really up our skincare game in the midst of a pandemic?

Dr. Sethi shares her thoughts.

Popular Skin Issues And What’s Causing Them

“Currently people are suffering from acne caused due to stress; COVID masks are also triggering a lot of acne. Rosacea is also induced by stress and COVID masks, in addition to lots of increased working out at home. This is definitely increasing this issue causing redness, bumps and irritation and often dryness”, explains Sethi. “Then there are rashes that are arising when people are overdoing the home DIYs or buying and trying out too many products”.

Possible Solutions

  • Acne: Start using a salicylic acid or Benzoyl Peroxide face wash. Use a pea-sized amount of topical retinoid on your face on alternate nights to treat acne. In case your acne problem doesn’t get resolved, it’s best to consult a skin specialist.
  • Rosacea: It’s uber important to practice proper mask care. Change your surgical mask every four hours and wipe your sweat gently once you sweat under your mask. Use an azelaic acid product once or twice a day to calm down rosacea and consult a dermat if you need to in case it’s not getting better.
  • Rashes: Stop using so many DIY’s and products! Do a skin fast; cleanse with a non-foaming cleanser, moisturise and wear sunblock for at least a week. That’s all.

Important Ingredients To Look Out For In Our Products

According to Sethi, Vitamin C is really important since it has protective properties and is a potent antioxidant which keeps your skin glowing. “Secondly, hyaluronic acid, a humectant that helps bind water and keeps your skin more hydrated and less dehydrated from the dry air inside”, says Sethi. “Don’t forget your sunblock which prevents sun related damage, pigmentation, aging and tanning.”

Ideal Lockdown Skincare regimen (AM and PM)

AM: Start by cleansing your face and follow that up with a face mist. Next apply a Vitamin C + Ferulic Acid serum such as the TRIVITA C30 or the Vitamin C serum from Skinceuticals. Follow this up with a moisturiser (an anti aging one if you have one or if you are above 25). Last but definitely not least, a sunblock to prevent sun damage.

PM: Start by cleansing your face and follow it up with a face mist. Next apply retinol which you can also alternate with an AHA/PHA product. Layer on a hyaluronic acid serum and finish with a nourishing or an anti aging moisturizer.

At-Home Skin Tools

“I prefer only Gua Sha as it improves lymphatic drainage and helps tone the skin. Jade rollers aren’t beneficial and can cause irritation. Ice rollers or ice globes offer a temporary effect and look nice for a few minutes”, opines Sethi.

Beauty Devices Or Tech To Invest In

“One of the devices I like is the Foreo which I use once a week for extra exfoliation and facial massaging. Home LED devices which are US FDA approved also work great. However, stay away from the Chinese ones that can give the wrong amount of energy and turn out to be really harmful. Since LED is about bio stimulation, it’s about low levels of light – and not about high energy; you want to do less here not more”, explains Sethi. “For muscle toning you can use an at-home microcurrent device which will help you look younger. Again buy US FDA Approved ones”, concludes Sethi.

* Dr. Kiran Sethi is a celeb skin and wellness expert from New York where she was born and educated. She has been named the best skin expert in India many times over and has had columns with numerous press and has been the co-host of a number of TV shows for NDTV, CNBC, Z news and more.

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