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How To Tame Hair Static This Winter

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Come winter you spot hoards of people sporting the Albert Einstein look, you know that frizzy, dishevelled mop that refuses to settle down no matter what. Even the best of us fall prey to nature's dry-aired fury: Static. It is caused because of the lack of humidity in the air, making your hair untameable and vulnerable to fly-aways, causing your own hair strands to repel each other!
But wait, it's not inescapable. There are a number of old and new school techniques to return the highly coveted hair moisture back to your hair.

Here are some of our picks on how to fix static hair, which are both easy and attainable. 

  1. How To Tame Hair Static This Winter - 1

    The Champion Champi

    Is there anything dadi-ma's hot coconut oil champi can't fix? The verdict is no. Not only is it one of the most soothing sensations for your scalp, but it also helps restore moisture to your strands and hydrate them in the process. But be careful, do not leave the oil in your hair for more than an hour, because if you do, you’ll end up coating your hair so thoroughly that washing it all off will require lots of shampooing that will only end up drying your hair out further.

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    Dry Dry Bye Bye

    One of the first things you need to do is change your hair dryer. When you dry your hair in the winter, which is a must, because you don’t want to get the sniffles, you charge your hair with positive ions causing that feared electrocuted look. Trade in your old hairdryer for an ionic one, which will help balance out your hair’s natural charge. Here’s the win-win: it also helps reduce heat damage to your hair!

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    Leave-In On-The-Go

    You may use the highest quality of shampoos and conditioners, but there’s only so much they can do. When you’re in and out of different temperatures and environments, your hair suffers the most. So always carry a leave-in conditioner in your bag, no matter where you are. Squeeze out a pea-sized amount on your palm and spread it evenly into your ends for de-stressed tresses.

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    Spray Them Away

    If you're the mayor of fly-away town, then here's a handy tip for you. When you're combing your hair before heading out for the day, spray your comb/hair-brush with some hairspray and then continue as usual. This helps tame down fly-aways and keep that frizz under control.

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    Swap Your Comb

    Think back to those science classes in school, where you used a plastic comb, ran it through your hair and then attracted pieces of paper to the comb. This happens because plastic causes static. So, switch up your old kangi with a wooden brush or comb. Not only do wooden combs keep the static out but are also better than metallic ones because they are gentler on hair shafts and prevent breakage.

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    Toss That Towel

    Although it might seem like a great idea to use your plush towel to dry just-shampooed hair. Did you know, your hair is at its most vulnerable when it’s wet. So, rubbing it with a heavy towel will cause strands to break mid-shaft, which will act up under the influence of static. Talk about a hot mess! So, switch up your heavy towel with a cotton T-shirt or a hair wrap designed just for this purpose.
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