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How to Treat Lip Pigmentation: Scrubs, Serums, Balms and More

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How to Treat Lip Pigmentation: Scrubs, Serums, Balms and More

While your lips are inherently a few shades darker than the skin on the rest of your body, desiring a rosy pink pucker is understandable. If you wish to treat the ashy hue – and get rid of any greyish-black spots on your lips – we’ve got you covered. Will you need to cash a cheque at the dermat’s office? Nuh-uh. Before you resort to expensive or intrusive lightening treatments, consider taking topical treatments for a spin. But before we delve into the solution, let’s investigate the pressing problem.

What Causes Lip Hyperpigmentation?

The skin on your lips is more fragile than anyplace else, making it highly susceptible to chapping, flakiness, and discolouration. Lip pigmentation could result merely from an allergic reaction to a new lipstick, lip balm, or gloss. Or it could be genetic or caused by poor oral hygiene and spicy foods. Smoking has a profound impact on lip hyperpigmentation, too. Besides, dehydration can lead to darkening of the lips, which means you must remember to hydrate and apply chapstick regularly.

The Best Products to Tackle Lip Pigmentation

While your dermatologist is the ideal person to guide you on the varied courses of treatment, try your hand at lip scrubs, balms, oils, and masks before falling prey to exorbitantly priced solutions. Peruse our thoughtfully curated list of products below.

Lip Wash + Lip Brush

ALANNA’s well-priced lip care duo includes the world’s first lip wash that actively reduces pigmentation. Boasting lab-proven actives 0.5% alpha arbutin and 1% PHA lactobionic acid, the lip wash and brush boost skin elasticity, hydrating and plumping your pout.

Lip Scrub

Incorporate an exfoliator, such as the Juicy Chemistry Blood Orange & Rosehip Organic Lip Scrub, into your lip care routine to slough off dead skin cells. Potent vitamin C addresses pigmentation, while rosehip improves lip texture and retains moisture.

Lip Serum

Namyaa’s Natural Lip Serum guarantees lightened and supple lips after a few uses. A harmonious blend of herbal extracts and essential oils, this toxin-free, potent formulation evens out lip tone and texture, lending your pucker a healthy dose of hydration.

Lip Oil

Super-hydrated, rosy lips are one product away – MCaffeine’s Coffee Lip Polishing Oil promises 24-hour moisturisation, owing to shea butter, while rosehip and coffee oil target discolouration. After consistent use, customers reported up to 95% pigmentation reduction and 24-hour-long hydration.

Lip Balm

L-ascorbic acid comes to the rescue. Minimalist’s lip balm targets pigmentation and dark spots while preventing free radical damage and nourishing your lips, owing to glycerin. It helps inhibit melanin production, guiding a reduction in pigmentation.

Lip Mask

Finish off with a nourishing lip mask to heal chapped lips and restore moisture loss. Earth Rhythm’s intensive treatment delivers peptides and castor oil to your pucker, fading pigmentation and combating dehydration. Apply an adequate amount of the product before going to bed.

If you begin noticing darkened margins around your lips, jump on a two-pronged prevention and attack plan to reverse the existing hyperpigmentation and prevent the condition from worsening. Remember, turning to topical remedies can go a long way to rectify the problem.

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