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Hydration For Summer? Why Is It Important?

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The human body is a well-oiled machine that intrinsically observes a division of labour for administering a number of bodily activities. From facilitating ingestion to maintaining a healthy central nervous system, the pertinent components work in tandem (cohesively) to keep the overall machinery up and running — with water assuming the role of a primary facilitator in every vital function.

As we are all privy to it, water is synonymous with life — it makes roughly 70% of the human body. From ensuring the unhindered lubrication of joints to absorption of nutrients, to eliciting a response from nervous stimuli, water is indispensable to human existence — an optimum level of hydration in the human body is non-negotiable, period. So much so, even a 2% drop from the requisite level (according to reports) can derail biological processes, the reason why we are revisiting hydration for the season.

Albeit a perennial conversation, we ought to reinforce the importance of hydration for summer. With the oppressive climate-hot and humid conditions leading to surplus fluid loss in the form of sweat, the human body is prone to dehydration. As discussed, this is disruptive to various bodily functions, causing seasonal maladies.

To steer clear of concerns stemming from dehydration, it is important to amp up our water intake this season. Keep a water bottle handy, at all times! You may even try the below supplements to give your body a boost of hydration and energy.

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Nudge Hydration Enhancer - Electrolyte Drink

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Chicnutrix Glow - Glutathione & Vitamin C

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