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I Am An Editor And I Tried Colgate’s Latest Toothpaste Addition — Here Are My Honest Thoughts

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A smile goes a long way—as they say. Be it a tough boardroom meeting, wearing your best smile exudes confidence and conviction. New to a city? An unexpected warm smile from the local barista makes your day a tad better, and assures us that we'd be alright. And what can we say about our favourite celebrities walking down the red carpet, flashing their million-dollar smiles that have us weak in the knees? Gracing the cover of beauty magazines —models with their pearly whites leave us dazzled. And yet, as a teen, I could never pluck enough courage to sport mine. Although I would spend hours before the mirror practising my gummy grin but feared it was far from perfect.

After grappling with the idea of skewed perfection for years, I have concluded that beauty is seldom perfect. No matter how toothy, gummy or crooked my smile might be, wearing it with confidence makes all the difference, helping me assimilate charm, grace and assertion. And so, over the years I have somewhat gotten over my aversion to flashing my grin, a lot of which can be attributed to makeup artistry — paving the way for this new-found confidence and evolution. Be it a banal day, or a special occasion that calls for a get-together I am a massive fan of a bold lip look (aren’t well all?). Adding a hint of hue to my lips, not only flips my day around 180, but also helps bring out my best smile. A huge library of reds, mauves and pinks later, I am still on the look-out for ways (tips and tricks) to further enhance my smile and what brings out a perfect pucker like a set of beautiful white pearlies? Nothing really!

The Phenomenon Of Oral Beauty

Oral beauty is a burgeoning industry, and although one of the drivers of this phenomenon is well-being and healthy teeth, the primary focus is on obtaining beautiful pearly whites that help elevate your appearance. Upon digging some more and going down a rabbit hole of prevalent videos (like a dutiful beauty editor should) that have already made these regimens a rage in countries like Japan, I came across the terminology — Hamigaki in Japanese translates to the art of a beautiful smile, which further solidifies the reasoning of beauty and oral health being mutually inclusive events. In a bid to incorporate these intermediary steps into my beauty regimen to further augment my smile, I tried the Colgate Visible Whitening formula and ahead lies my takeaway.

My Takeaway

I have been out and about with a myriad of social engagements this past month. My best friend recently got hitched, calling for a mammoth celebration! I wanted to go for a regular cat eye with my eternal favourite pencil, a twinge of colour and gleam on the cheeks and top it off with my signature bold lip look with the Charlotte Tilbury’s Festival Magic (apt for the setting and the sentiment). In light of impending rituals, I started using the Colgate Visible White O2, Teeth Whitening Toothpaste three days prior to the occasion, as per the packaging to help my smile look more attractive and flamboyant (because the bride’s crew can’t falter!) Although I am vigilant about my oral health, the excess intake of coffee everyday definitely leaves stubborn stains on the teeth. This was the first get-together that my entire squad was looking forward to after the ordeal of the lockdown, where we would be face-to face and I wanted to bring out my A- beauty game! A day in using the Teeth Whitening Toothpaste, the results were discernible. A common obstacle I have encountered in the past with other formulas, is that even though they give anticipated outcomes, the thorough cleaning that one seeks in a toothpaste is compromised. I am happy to inform you that this offering circumvents the issue and keeps your teeth clean and minty fresh. I availed the perpimment sparkle variant (you may also give aromatic mint a shot). No short of a miracle, using this toothpaste thrice before the occasion really helped bring out my most confident smile, thanks to the advanced silica tech cleansing. I boldly flashed my grin in pictures, basking in a bunch of compliments. I also discovered this offering is ideal for an everyday use as it doesn’t impact the sensitivity of your teeth. I recommend making this toothpaste a regular feature in your beauty cabinet to enhance your oral beauty regimen!

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