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I Survived A Crazy Week, Thanks To LAKMÉ Blush & Glow Sheet Masks

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If Google calendar wasn’t already palpitating, I (for sure) was. The mess, that was my life schedule for the next week, didn’t look pretty at this point. With zero idea about the kind of superhuman strength I required to make through it alive, I grimly unboxed the PR kit that sat on my work desk. Ahh another product review, I mentally kicked myself.

Only this time, it was a set of the latest sheet superstars in the market – five LAKMÉ Blush & Glow Sheet Masks. The universe seemed to be on my side, maybe THIS is what I needed to sail through the upcoming madness. The most breathable fabric soaked in the goodness of a fruit facial; this was my 15-minute ticket to Pamper Town. No way I was braving the week without these fruity weapons in my kitty.

Thankfully, I lived to tell the tale. Here’s my story of the week that was.


Though I woke up feeling all kicked about the week, the feeling of freshness abated before I even finished my morning cup of coffee. Eight hours and three marathon meetings later, Monday blues hit hard. When I hit send on my last email of the day, the wall clock was ready to move onto Tuesday, but my body clock wasn’t.

Post a long hot shower, I slapped on the LAKMÉ Blush & Glow Strawberry Sheet Mask and tuned into a (much-needed) episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. While I cackled at Joey’s jokes, the astringent properties of Strawberry helped cleanse my face, not only of dirt but also of the dullness that had set in in just a day!


It’s Day 2 and I overslept dammit! To top that, my self-worth diminished a little with every autorickshaw rejection. I almost started contemplating a sick leave when one Godly driver finally said yes. It was only once I sat in the auto that I realized I’d forgotten my face moisturizer at home dammit!

Though my parched face silently screamed for hydration pretty much all day, shit hit the roof when the boy called at 6 to make sudden dinner plans. Good thing, the LAKMÉ Blush & Glow Pomegranate Sheet Mask was in my handbag all this while. Masked my way to the restaurant, so the goodness of Pomegranate soothed my irritated skin long before he leaned in for a kiss. That was a close one, phew!


This morning felt so much better. But while  I made my way to work, I realized that the oil factories around my T-zone had been overworking (just like me) for a while now. I made a mental note of finding a long-term fix while blotting the oil away for the time being.

At lunch, someone spoke about the Wednesday-special ladies’ night at a bar nearby and it took the girls less than a minute to plan an SOS midweek booze sesh. No way I could let my party face be this greasy, so I let the LAKMÉ Blush & Glow Watermelon Sheet Mask take a hold of my sebaceous glands. Clean skin, dramatic lashes, and a hot red pout… me is ready for my margarita.


It’s Day 4 and everything was going as planned. That’s until I spotted a tiny zit on my left cheek during a random loo break. ‘Down another tequila shot no’, I could hear mom’s voice ringing in my ear. I somehow calmed myself at the thought of a salon cleanup post-work and went back to the feature I was writing.

By the time I took an Uber back home, the once-tiny zit had flared up into a rather painful monster. Though most salons were now shut, I knew that the LAKMÉ Blush & Glow Kiwi Sheet Mask was bankable. Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of Kiwi, the inflammation has subsided, and I got nicely tucked into my comforter with a glass of wine (sorry mom).


Started #Friyay on a rather groggy note. Since I was headed to my best friend’s sangeet ceremony in the PM, I reached work earlier than usual to meet deadlines. By lunchtime, I could barely stop yawning, even after downing five mugs of black coffee. Beauty sleep is a thing and I only wished life had picked another day to teach me this lesson.

Thankfully, I knew of a quick fix that could work just as well as a power nap – the LAKMÉ Blush & Glow Lemon Sheet Mask. I let the Vitamin C from the fruit suck out the fatigue of a long, stressful week, while I slipped into my lehenga and did my hair. Fifteen minutes later, my complexion was visibly radiant and prepped for makeup. I at least looked well-rested, even if I was far from it.

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