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I Tried And Tested Nykaa’s New Line Of Natural Face Scrubs. Here’s My Verdict.

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If I were to list one product that helps achieve healthy skin, it would honestly be a gentle face scrub. The keyword is gentle. A scrub typically paves the way for resurfaced skin that allows your serum and moisturizer to sink in more effectively for stronger results. Also, I personally feel like using a scrub is the most satisfying step in my routine—the instant gratification it provides (immediate refreshed skin) is honestly satisfying if you ask me. That said, I recently got to try Nykaa’s new line of cream-based face scrubs that come in seven natural variants—nice to all skin types and powered with walnut shell powder. Ahead, my thoughts.

Tea Tree & Neem

I’m prone to seasonal breakouts, specifically during a weather transition. So, I had a tiny pimple on it’s way last week and I decided to try the tea tree and neem scrub to help fix it. I used it right before I started my day and I was pleasantly surprised to notice that the inflammation reduced a fair amount by night. It’s got antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and also promises to clear out excess oil and dark spots.

Sandalwood & Orange Peel

This scrub is great if you’re looking to remove tan. Infused with sandalwood and orange peel, it is designed to soothe sunburns and any sort of mild inflammation that you may experience. The orange peel present in the formula helps form collagen, reduce pigmentation and scars.

Saffron & Honey

The saffron and honey variant helped retain the moisture bank present in my skin (oh, I have very dehydrated skin) and eliminated dead skin cells faster than you can count. This product soothes rashes, clears out dark spots and blemishes. Plus, it’s very mild so you don’t have to worry about a messy aftermath.

Lavender & Chamomile

This one is my personal favorite from the line. It is great for your skin (and your mind). The lavender present in this scrub helps treat restlessness, anxiety and insomnia. It helps reduce redness and inflammation, leaving your skin healthy and most importantly happy. This product is also safe to use on painful acne.

Papaya & Amla

This papaya and amla scrub works hard on your pigmentation and any signs of premature aging. The enzyme papain present in the papaya extracts act as a powerful exfoliator designed to cancel rigid dead cells. It also works on fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots. I highly recommend this scrub to those between the ages of 21 and 35.

Haldi & Chandan

Haldi or turmeric present in this tube works on blackheads and dead skin cells. The chandan comes in strong with its antiseptic properties that help prevent acne breakouts and zits. It protects your skin from allergies and leaves your skin fresh and clean. Fantastic for treating sunburns, this key benefit of this scrub is radiance.

Cucumber & Aloe Vera

A perfect morning scrub, the cucumber and aloe vera whipped in this product combats puffiness and adds a plush dose of hydration to your skin. The folic acid and Vitamin C helps in fighting environmental toxins and promotes cell growth. It also helps treat sunburns, signs of aging and scaly skin, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and hydrated.

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