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I Tried Lakme’s New 9 to 5 Matte Liquid Lip Colours That Are Powered With Primer Benefits

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Alanna Panday

This may seem like a stagnant cliché but a good lipstick turns my day around (no matter how it really started). On a tedious day, the perfect shade honestly helps lift my spirit and on days I could really use it (the good spirit, I mean), it blesses me with this boost of confidence to be assertive, not only at work but also in my personal life. This is precisely why I have a vanity full of shades for different occasions (and a plethora of moods) I am capable of displaying.

On a side note, over the years, I have graduated from just using lip glosses with a twinge of colours to full-fledged lipsticks, but there is one aspect that hasn’t been subjected to any change over time. No matter where I am heading, work or dinner with friends, I always make sure to slip a shade into my bag. Yes, I never leave the house without my SOS lipstick handy! Having said that, there is just the one pet peeve I have when it comes to lip colours and I ensure to factor everything on the packaging while making a purchase to steer clear of the issue — a lipstick that bleeds. I know it may seem a bit trivial but it can really make or break your day, you see. For someone who works the 9-5, it is crucial to find a lip colour that stays on throughout the day, which is why I have turned to the latest offering by Lakmé. With an inclusive range of colours, the matte liquid lip colours (infused with primer) are long-lasting, crease-proof and give your lips an impeccable finish. Ahead, my verdict on the line.

Here Are My Final Thoughts

I recently got hold of the shade, dynamic purple from the 9 to 5 range and decided to wear it on my day out. The colour bottled in a sleek tube with a convenient applicator is super pigmented but not clumpy, and one sweep across my lips was sufficient to get through the day (zero touch ups!). My face tends to sweat at times, which is why I was elated when I noticed that my lipstick stayed intact for a solid 5 hours outdoors. The product boasts primer benefits in its formulation, making the finish incredibly smooth and crinkle-free. I was wary of the pigment bleeding after dinner (I’m talking greasy burgers here), but much to my surprise I didn’t reach out for the lip colour again which is important. And nope, there were no lipstick stains on my coffee mug (again very impressed because I, like many of you, literally run on coffee). Priced at ₹499 a tube, I got to play with 14 gorgeous shades that matched my every mood—from a boardroom meeting to wine and cheese with the girls.

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