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I Used The Nykaa SKINRX Ceramide Moisturisers, And Here Are My Honest Thoughts

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As a beauty editor, a hankering to dissect the ingredients’ labels of beauty products is nothing out of the ordinary but rather a reflex reaction based on stimuli. But even if beauty isn’t your bread and butter — there is a possibility that you have browsed through the contents of your favourite formulations only to stop at some never-heard-before-names. One such name that has been a subject of intrigue is ceramide, for many who are just venturing into skincare or solidifying their pre-existing regimen. So the question that organically arises is- what exactly are these members of the lipids family that grace many beauty products, why should there be more dialogue around it and what can you, the reader, stand to benefit from this conversation?

Ceramides And Skin Barrier Strengthening

To use a borrowed analogy, think of your dermis as a wall fighting off external aggressors like heat, pollution and UV radiations — where the skin cells act as the bricks and ceramides present within these cells’ membranes serve the purpose of mortar. If these lipid molecules, composed primarily of sphingosine and fatty acid and make for over 30-40% of the acid mantle, were to get marred or dwindle, our skin would be devoid of its first line of defence against toxins.  A compromised skin barrier (a.k.a acid mantle) can seriously impact the health of your skin — leading to transepidermal water loss, triggering early signs of fine lines, wrinkles and even episodes of inflammation and redness, amongst many others. And, to take charge of your skin trajectory, it is integral to replenish the content of ceramides present in the skin.

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My Experience With Nykaa SKINRX Ceramides Moisturisers

I have been facing sporadic episodes of redness and inflamed skin over the last couple of months and traced it back to not using a moisturiser infused with ceramides, thanks to an expert’s guidance. Moreover, as a woman treading the threshold of 30, it was a step I had to commit to, sooner or later. But here's the tricky part — my skin spills oil like it’s nobody's business and I wondered if incorporating a new moisturiser would make me break out more than ever. Which is when I decided to get my hands on Nykaa’s SKINRX Ceramide moisturiser for oily skin. I have been using this formulation for over a fortnight now, which has dispelled all my qualms effortlessly. This potent, lightweight moisturiser that packs the power of three barrier repair ingredients - Ceramides, Beta Glucans and Omega 3,6 and 9 are working like a charm for my skin, keeping all worries of redness and inflammation at bay. I have used the day and night variety, and just a pea-sized amount gives me an incredible spread. And surprisingly enough, I have been waking up to soft, supple skin with no traces of oil to be seen! Using this non-greasy, cruelty free and nourishing concoction has been an extremely gratifying experience. Like someone rightly said, happy skin = happy you, and my journey with this wonder product is a testament to this statement.

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