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I Went ‘No Poo’ For A Month And My Hair’s Never Looked Better

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Considering the passion with which I handpick my shampoo at the supermarket every month, I never thought I would say this... But here I am, documenting the repercussions of this monumental change.  
I haven’t touched hair shampoo since a month and I’ve never been this pleased with any life decision thus far. Before I elaborate on how I did it, let’s begin with why I did it.  
Humans are weird, we believe that something is important just because it’s popular. Did you know that before the world saw its first synthetic shampoo, people washed their hair once a month, that too with natural cleansing ingredients? Funny how daily shampooing has become the norm now.
In your quest for a sexy mane, little do you realise that the bottle of shampoo sitting your bath cabinet is more of a bane than a boon. To get rid of the daily dirt and product build-up, a regular shampoo strips your scalp of the natural oils that keep it conditioned and healthy. In fact, over washing messes with your hair’s natural moisture network, triggering the sebaceous oil glands to release the sebum that they’ve lost. Hence, a vicious (rather oily) circle is created.
Apart from these, there are also several straight-up advantages of going anti-shampoo. To begin with, let’s count lesser investments, in terms of money, time, and effort. Next up, we’re dealing with minimal to zero post-wash frizz because chemical-laden hair cleansers are now outta the window. Also, since natural oils add body and hold to your tresses, your coiffures stay put for longer than expected.
Now that you’re (hopefully) convinced, let’s finally talk business, shall we? Listed below are all the natural, non-shampoo methods in which you can eliminate grease and bring the shine back in tress town. Keep experimenting until you find the one that suits you best, based on your hair type.
  • Mix one tablespoon of Baking Soda with one cup of water. Pour this concoction on your scalp and work it vigorously. Rinse and repeat, if required.
  • Mix equal quantities of water and Apple Cider Vinegar, depending on the length and volume of your locks. Massage the mixture on your scalp and wash away.
  • Feel like your anti-dandruff shampoo is important for survival? use a mixture of Lemon juice and water to cleanse the scalp and shoo dandruff flakes away.
  • Trust Aloe Vera to be on every goddamn list. Scoop out the gel from the plant and massage it directly to your scalp and wet hair, before rinsing off.
  • Essential oils do more than you think. Oils like Lavender, Rosemary, Lemongrass, Chamomile and Peppermint promote rapid hair growth. Mix two drops of any such oil in a cup of water and use as you would use a shampoo.
  • Last up, if you’ve got nothing around, just stand under the shower and let water work its way. As baffling as it may sound, remember that the secret is to massage your scalp while you’re at it. Using your fingers, push away at your scalp, particularly at the greasy areas. Brownie points for H2O.
Now that I’m pretty much done with my ‘No Poo’ e-book, here’s a disclaimer: don’t quit just because the first week was plain gross. Just like your body, your tresses also need time to adjust to a brand-new diet. The transition period could be anywhere between four to six weeks, depending on your previous shampoo cycle and the hair products that you use. But in any case, stick to it ’cause patience is virtue. And it alone can lead you to the day when you can finally say, ‘No shampoo? No problem!”
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