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I Wore Eyeshadow Every Day for A Week: And THIS Is What Happened

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I always envied those girls. You know, the ones who look like they woke up at 6 a.m. breezed through their entire skincare routine, took the time to base their faces and then labored over their eyeshadow for immaculate peepers, all in time to walk into the office at 9.30 a.m. So, I decided—instead of standing on the outside with the ugly green monster of envy on my back—I would be one of those girls. I challenged myself to wear eyeshadow every day for a week. And believe you me, I’ve come out on the other side, a changed person. Let me take you on a journey to relive those seven glorious, exhausting but eye-opening (pun intended) days.

Here Are My Different Eyeshadow Looks For A Week

Everyday Eyeshadow Makeup Looks- Day 1

Day 1: Woohoo, I’m excited

I wake up, pleased to have not snoozed through my alarm, ready to take on this challenge. Eyeshadow makeup for a week? Let’s do this! I grab my Revolution Pro Socialite Palette, ready to create a look keeping in mind I have to shoot a video today. So, I pick an easy, wearable, subtle pink-ish look layered with glitter, but I amp it up with a nice cat-eyeliner.

I walk into work, to a flurry of, “Going on a date?”, “Meeting today?” and “Woah man, had a makeover?”. Once I’ve explained my predicament to the flock, I carry on with my day. My to0do list says I need to go on set, under the harsh lights and be on my feet as I help direct the video. This seems like an interesting challenge to see if the pigment can hold up. And let me tell you, it did! I go back home to clock my reflection in the mirror and although my shadow’s duller now, I see I’m quite chuffed with Day 1.

Day 2: Pinched Pockets

It’s the 30th and my wallet is screaming to be resuscitated. This urges me to budget, which results in my using my most pocket-friendly palette. The Wet N Wild Not a Basic Peach Palette, with 10 shades in a single handbag-friendly package. Today, I have a desk day (my butt glued to my chair and my eyes to the screen), so I’m keeping it simple with a 4-shade everyday look.

Blending, building and zero fallout later, I find myself stationed at my desk, checking hourly if the shadow has moved. This buttery smooth formula stayed put as I squinted, scrunched and widened my eyes at my screen.

Everyday Eyeshadow Makeup Looks- Day 2
Everyday Eyeshadow Makeup Looks- Day 3

Day 3: I’m Feeling Adventurous

Now, I’ve decided to up the ante and spent two hours on IG looking for inspo to create a look with my most recent purchase the Huda Beauty Rose Gold Remastered Palette. After toiling and labouring for 40 minutes, I have created a look (which turns out to be my personal fave), using the powders as a coloured liner, and ooof! The pigment! Huda, if you’re reading this, I worship at your altar.

At 4:30 PM, with reckless abandon, I have rubbed my eyes and as soon as I’m done, the dread hits me like a ton of bricks. I check the back of my wrist and honey, I cried. Not a speck of colour displaced.

Day 4: Brown Eyed Girl

It’s 7:30 a.m. and I’m up, a little nervous because I have a big meeting. So of course, I want to go for something reliable, long-lasting and in no need for touch-ups. I reach out for my Nykaa Just Wink It Crushed Berries Palette. My anxiety is apparent, so I create my look by adding a peachy smokey eye, which really brings out the brown in my irises. I now, believe it or not, feel a surge of confidence?

I’m not one to wear makeup every day- I’m extremely lazy. Not because of the application, but because of the removal process and on Day 4, I’m salty and a few eyelashes short because of constant mascara removal.

Everyday Eyeshadow Makeup Looks- Day 4
Everyday Eyeshadow Makeup Looks- Day 5

Day 5: Again? Ugh!

It’s 8:30 a.m. today, and honestly, I’m feeling a little resentful. Why did I do this to myself? Do I have to? Who’ll know the difference? The well now poisoned, I soldier on because I have an awards ceremony to attend, and I create a really simple, elegant smokey eye. I use the Flower Beauty Shimmer and Shadow Palette-Golden because it’s gentle. The palette is not too pigmented, but packs a lot of shine, exactly what I’m looking for today.

I’ve already had a long day when I leave for the awards, and I’m looking a bit washed out at this point, this palette has not delivered for me.

Day 6: Oh Great, It’s Pouring

I’ve woken up to the dreaded pitter-patter that is now making my life tougher than usual. I need an eye look that’ll survive this wrath of Mother Earth. And then I remember, Huda’s Matte and Metal Melted Shadows! The product has a claim to be waterproof and when else would I have the opportunity to test it out than on a rainy September morning in Mumbai.

This eyeshadow HAS CHANGED THE GAME! It took me 5 minutes, and not a second more to create this look, I braved the rains in it and even at 9:36 PM, it’s lasted ALL DAY. It’s perfect for beginners, girls on-the-go and anyone who lives in rainy cities.

Everyday Eyeshadow Makeup Looks- Day 6
Everyday Eyeshadow Makeup Looks- Day 7

Day 7: The Swan Song

I wakeup thinking “I can’t, today, I just can’t”, but I’m not one who welches. With minimum effort, I pull out my NYX Pro Filtr Palette, slap a few shades on and call it a day. I’m not happy today. Not happy with my look, my schedule or the pigment the palette packed. But I suck it up and march to work.

It’s a hectic day of sourcing and I don’t think my shadow will survive the day. But you know what? It shocked me, everything on my face melted away, except the shadows.

Final Notes: Wearing eyeshadow every day? Not for me. It’s nice as a once-a-week indulgence, not a daily occurrence. If you do it, girl, I have mad respect for you. I hope to emulate your level of commitment. On the plus side, my under-eye area has never looked better, because of the thorough cleansing, morning and night-time routines I followed because of this challenge. And lastly, there are some amazing palettes out there and I strongly recommend Huda’s Melted Shadows.

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