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#IAmSoKadka Challenge – Beauty Editors On A Budget

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There comes a time in every girl’s life where she can barely get through the month. Let’s face it we’ve all been through this ‘Kadka’ phase. What with that vacay to Goa, buying a hundred birthday presents or just simply adulting (Yes paying rent hurts much more than a bikini wax). So, we put three Nykaa Beauty Book Editors up for the #IAmSoKadka Challenge. With just a thousand bucks to spend we asked them to scroll through the site and stock up on monthly beauty essentials that they simply couldn’t do without. Curious to see what they picked? Read on and discover what you can add to your routine too!

Here's a compiled list of affordable makeup products under Rs.1000

  • Zoya – The Minimalistic Ninja

    Budget shopping, bring it on! There is so much I could do with a thousand bucks. Being someone that has mastered the art of accepting and flaunting my acne scars (because scars simply mean that I’m unbreakable), I have learnt to highlight my best features and draw attention away from my scars. With a swish of some volumizing mascara and a pretty pop of color on my lips, I’m ready to strut through every day with confidence. Now, while I stick to medicated skincare products, I look for non-irritating moisturizers that are gentle yet hydrating for my face. Don’t you often pick a shampoo or body wash simply because you love its aroma? I know I do! I let the magic of fragrances lead me to my body washes. I tend to reach out for more hydrating and gentle formulas that don’t strip my skin down. Now, because I have straight, untreated hair, I do not experiment with my hair care products and have been using the same shampoo for a few years now (Can I get a standing ovation for my brand loyalty in these millennial times please?!).
    Affordable Skin Care Products Picks By Zoya:
  • Lakshmi – The Gloss Goddess

    Budgets are really not my thing. I love pampering my skin and hair regularly with indulgent, luscious goodies every now and then but I’m up for this challenge. I’m not one to go about my day with a bunch of products weighing down my skin. So, you won’t catch me dead with a heavy foundation. I’m your girl that’ll dab on some concealer (Because binge watching the Black Mirror for the tenth time into the wee hours of the morning is my thing y’all!) to get that ‘I slept all night’ freshness. I love a natural glow like you love pizza. From highlighting them cheekbones to getting me those coveted glossy lids in the snap of a finger, a lip balm is my favorite beauty all-rounder. Here’s a trick, I use it to tame those pesky fly-aways to! Talking about hair, mine has a personality of its own. My wavy hair needs to be shown who is boss from time to time which is why I CANNOT live without a good hair cream. Yet because my hair is so thick my scalp heats up faster than a furnace and oh how I dread that summer heat. That’s why picking shampoos and conditioners that leave my scalp feeling minty fresh and cool is essential. Who’s with me on this one?
    Affordable Makeup Product Picks by Lakshmi:
  • Divya – The Vegan Wiccan

    Living all alone in this big city has taught me one too many things about living on a budget. I’ve become an expert of sorts at whipping up my own vegan meals and experimenting with handy DIY’s to save a few bucks here and there. I’m an efficient multi-tasker and look for products that can do the same. With my normal statement brows that are always defined to precicion, you’ll see me using a lip stain not only on my lips but also as an eyeshadow and blush to create a monochrome look like I was born with it. For my dry skin, Aloe Vera gel does wonders to hydrate and refresh it without leaving you with that greasy, icky feeling. So, it definitely makes my list. I live by certain principles and like to extend them to my product choices too. As an avid believer in the ‘live and let live’ philosophy, harming anything to fit my beauty standards is something I cannot live with. You will find me only picking vegan, cruelty-free, natural and organic products as they don’t hurt my conscience. I love using oils as part of my regime and nothing can replace the feeling of a good coconut oil champi to keep my locks looking perfect through the week. Diamonds Champis are FOREVER!
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