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If Beauty Influencers Were Finance Influencers

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Saloni Gaur

Do words like SIPs, Fixed Deposits and investments send your brain into a tizzy? Does taking financial decisions rattle you so much that it ends up in a hurried, frantic call to dad? Well, it's time to take charge of your moolah and be the bawse you had always envisioned to be! Helping us in this endeavour is —Saloni Gaur a.k.a The Nykaa Insider. Known for her quirky impersonations and witty banter, watch this Quintessential Queen Of Comedy in the parody,” If Beauty Influencers Were Finance Influencers.”. The comedian sits down to share her expertise in the domain and coaches her Insta Fam on how they can save money in five simple ways that will bode well for the future! Word to the wise — plonk yourselves down and make sure to take copious notes! Catch Ms Gaur in this finance boot camp, and keep an eye out for all the hot tea from the Pink Friday Sale too!

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1. Open An FD Account ( And Then Break It)

Saloni talks about the significance of opening a fixed deposit account. But for all beauty enthusiasts who will be making the best out of Nykaa’s Pink Friday sale, it's absolutely A-OK to break your FD. With over 50 % off on different products, you get a chance to save the big bucks. Not too shoddy, is it?

2. Concealer, I Mean Conceal Your Money

Never disclose your CTC to family and relatives. Sure, a few jibes from them are inevitable but at the end of the day, your bank balance would make up for the mockery! Who is laughing now? Huh. Money saved = more beauty buys from Pink Friday!

3. Drink Water And Escape Responsibilities

The beauty influencer turned financial advisor instructs all to drink lots of water. Not only does it give you healthy, luminous skin, it also gives you the perfect excuse to run to the washroom when you’re out with your friends and the bill arrives! Imagine the amount of money you’ll save. However, if you struggle to get the adequate amount of hydration in the day, Saloni guides these folks to slash and save on Neutrogena Hydro Boost and the Minimalist Winter Glow Combo. You will not only save your skin but up to 45% as well!

4. Check Your Phone More Than Your Self

Scroll, Queen! Its important to keep refreshing your feed (even when its says:you are all caught up) for the latest trends! Be it new advancements in the world of K-beauty or K dramas. You might also just have a chance encounter with some price drops or flash sales on the Nykaa app. Saloni implies it a win-win, nevertheless! Keep an eye out emails and push notifications for the run of Pink Friday Sale!

5. Take Expert Advice

No more pestering your dad for financial advice, because Saloni is here! Just like for advice on how to save better you can always rely on the personal bible of finance —Rich Dad And Poor Dad. Similarly, where beauty products are concerned, get the best advice from industry experts, a.k.a  Malvika Sitlani and Juhi Godambe’s stores on Nykaa! No more beating about the bush, when you can get the best beauty recommendations from the OGs on the app!

Saloni winds up her finance workshop by warning her audience to steer clear of SIPs, you know Saste Identical Products. Get the real deal from the online Nykaa store during the Pink Friday Sale. Best deals and biggest discounts are guaranteed.

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