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In Focus: BaByliss Curl Secret C1000E Hair Curler

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BaByliss, a leading manufacturer of electronic personal care appliances, has the solution to all your hair styling needs. From curling tongs, wands, straightener, hairdryers and women’s beauty appliances, you name it and they have it. What’s more all the tools are super easy to use and guarantee a fuss-free salon affect from the comfort of your home.
We’ve fallen in love with BaByliss Curl Secret. This magical invention takes the curling experience to the next level. It’s so easy, quick, efficient and totally worth the investment. Honestly the secret curler is what we are currently lusting for. Check out the magic it can create! Basically this curling device (the best we could call it because it’s no way like any tong, wand or curling iron we’ve met before) sucks your strands into the curling chamber and works its magic in less than 15 seconds before releasing your newly minted gorgeous curl.
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  • Ceramic curl chamber,
  • 2 heat settings;
  • 3 timer settings i.e. 8, 10 and 12 seconds, and
  • Auto shut off.

How should you use it?

  • Comb your hair thoroughly to smooth out tangles. Make sure your hair is completely dry. Spritz on a heat protecting spray like Toni&Guy Heat Protection Mist: High Temperature Protection.
  • Part your hair in two sections as shown in the image. Then take smaller sections of the bottom part of your hair and start curling.  The sections can be as thick as 3cm wide but we recommend you don’t go beyond 2cm.
how to use hair curler
  • There are two parts to the curler; the open chamber and the closed one. The open chamber should face you at all times.
how to use hair curler - 2
  • Take a section of your hair about 2 cm in diameter and place it in the open chamber. Clamp it and hold it shut. Remember to keep the device at least 5 cm away from your roots.
how to use hair curler - 3
  • As soon as you clamp it shut, the barrel swivel sucks your hair in. Sounds scary and honestly when we did it for the first time we were intimidated.
  • Once the hair is sucked into the barrel, the curler starts to beep. The number of beeps depends on the setting of the timer. Curling done, the long continuous beep will indicate it’s time to open the barrel.
how to use hair curler - 4
  • Slowly release the hair from the chamber.
how to use hair curler - 5
  • Ta-da there you have the perfect bouncy curl. Follow the same steps with the rest of your hair.
how to use hair curler - 6

Final thoughts

  • It’s really quick and hassle free.
  • It’s so easy to use that you can style your strands, anytime, anywhere.
  • The curls don’t go flat till you wash you wash your hair.
  • In this case the curls continued to flash their magic for three whole days. But results may vary depending on your hair type.
  • Unfortunately it’s not recommended for long hair.
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