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In Focus: Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel

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Is dry, flaky skin the bane of your existence? On the hunt for a moisturizing lotion to tackle the cooler months coming your way? Fed-up of your makeup feathering away come noon? If you’re nodding to any one of these, there’s only one holy-grail to swear by: Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel
What it is: Going by neither name – not a cream, nor a moisturizer – this multi-tasking essential will soon be your favorite beauty pick. Packed to the brim with Hyaluronic Acid, it instantly plumps up skin. Whether you’re in the market for a night serum, a primer (so forever sliding off makeup stays put), or simply an itch-fighter (to dab on spots that seem a tad too dry) you’re always going to count on it ‘cos it’s just that versatile.
The packaging: Available in a clear blue jar, at first glance the packaging looks pricey AF. But on closer inspection you’re going to calm down ‘cos the price tag just screams – pick me! Looking inside, the watery gel is a pale icy blue too that jiggles ever so lightly when shook.
The formula: Moving on to the actual ingredients Hyaluronic Acid is the (not-so) secret ingredient that retains water, while Glycerine and Dimethicone acts as a veil, retaining all the moisture keeping your skin dewy to touch. Also, you must note, a little goes a long way so that teeny-tiny bit you use will moisturize your entire face. Pat or dab and let the miracle-worker sink in to do its thing.
Why we like it: From the first time you try it out for yourself, you’ll notice a visible difference. Your face will look radiant with the sudden surge of moisture. Skip forward to a few seconds later, the formula will be invisible to the naked eye but sits atop skin like a moisture barrier shielding it from external factors. All in all, developed as a multi-tasker it’ll make it that much easier to rock the ‘no-makeup’ makeup look for a lust-worthy glow. Lastly, just a whiff of this will knock your socks off - light, airy and reminiscent of the sea.
Overall verdict: The hybrid is affordable, alcohol-free (are you reading, sensitive skinned peeps?), looks elegant and offers up to 48 hours moisture-protection. It’s a one stop solution that does it all. To be honest, we’re still trying to figure out a con.
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