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In Full Bloom: Your Floral Diy Skincare Fix

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It’s that time of the season again, when the world is in full bloom. You get to see the world with rose-tinted sight, taking strolls in freshly bloomed gardens or long drives under canopies of trees lit with bright flowers. It’s spring and we are in love with this floral season.

Here’s a lowdown on our favorites.

Especially because this is the best season for your skin, too! The weather’s gentle and nourishing, and nature brings you ingredients that make you soft and radiant. All you need is some freshly plucked goodness from your spring garden and whip them up into skin-loving elixirs. Our favorites? The most fragrant and magical flowers you can get everywhere that work wonders on your skin.

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1. Marigold infused body oil

Recipe: Fresh marigold petals + dried marigold petals + almond oil. Crush the petals and soak overnight in almond oil. Once the oil turns golden, you can strain the marvel concoction and store it in a glass jar for daily use.

Benefits: Marigold is great for healing broken and dry skin. The flower is enriched with anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties, plus it smells heavenly. Use this as your after-shower oil or as a night-time facial oil for soft, healthy and supple skin!

Also available on Nykaa as Deve Herbes Pure Yellow Marigold Oil.

2. Hibiscus face pack

Recipe: Fresh hibiscus + sandalwood + yogurt. Whip some powdered sandalwood with yogurt or hung curd. Then crush hibiscus petals by hand and then slightly simmer them to softness over mild heat. Mix the juicy petals into the yogurt and sandal crème and use it as a nourishing face pack.

Benefits: Hibiscus is a wonder flower. It is enriched with AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) that deeply cleans and nourishes your skin. It helps maintain hydration and nurtures your body to produce collagen – making it extremely effective as an anti-aging formula. Use it 1-2 times a week for a natural, youthful glow.

Also available on Nykaa as Nature's Tattva Pure Herbal Hibiscus Powder.

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best rose water toner

3. Rose toner

Recipe: Rose petals + water + rose oil. This is the simplest and quickest glow-getter that you can pack into your purses. Heat a glass full of water just short of boiling. Now soak the rose petals in the hot water for over an hour. Drain the petals, cool the mix, fill it into a spray bottle and add 4-5 drops of rose oil. Shake the bottle before you use it.

Benefits: One of the oldest skin healers according to Ayurveda, rose evens out your complexion, heals broken skin, reduces or prevents acne and gives your skin a beautiful glow. Use this spray twice daily, especially if your skin looks tired. It’s particularly good for oily skin.

Also available on Nykaa as Kama Ayurveda Pure Rose Water.

4. Sunflower de-tanning body yogurt

Recipe: Sunflower essential oil + sunflower petals + lemon + honey + yogurt. Pamper your skin by mixing all these ingredients into a giant bowl. Refrigerate overnight and use this as a massaging body yogurt, 20 minutes before you slip into the shower.

Benefits: Sunflowers are bursting with Vitamin E, C and D. A great antioxidant and a nourishing hydrator, this wonder flower reduces sun damage and tan. If you’re planning a spring vacation, this one’s to detoxify your skin post travel and bring its original glory back.

Also available on Nykaa as Vedic Line Aromatherapy Massage Oil With Sunflower Oil.

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5. Lotus nourishing mask

Recipe: Lotus petals + milk plus shea or cocoa butter. Add all the ingredients into your kitchen mixer and whip them into a paste – 2 handfuls of petals with 2 tablespoons of milk and 1 tablespoon of shea butter. Use it as a body mask, on your face, arms and legs.

Benefits: Lotus is known as the ‘pure’ flower, with benefits that truly purifies your skin. A natural cleanser and oil-balancer, the flower helps delay aging and brightens your skin. Its mild and soothing fragrance when mixed with milk will help calm your mind and body too.

Also available on Nykaa as Roots & Herbs White Lotus Youth Enhancing Face Ubtan.

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