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In Review: Adora Revive Hair Tonic

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In Review: Adora Revive Hair Tonic - 1
Even superwomen need luscious locks to make a statement, and so did Princess Adora, as she transformed into She-Ra the Power Woman, with a pristine yet powerful glow, fierce in her fiery tresses. Long, flowing, and cascading down her waist like the fire of justice that burned inside her, that hair made the rest of us mortals burn with envy. We can just gawk and admire, but given she was a fictional toon, achieving that level of gorgeousness can be a task. But now the secret for those super-locks is revealed thanks to Adora Revive Hair Tonic, the one stop solution to all your hair woes.
What the product claims:
  1. Restores health and vitality to weak, fragile hair.
  2. Thanks to the natural therapy, hair fall stops in just 15 days.
  3. Controls premature baldness, and nourishes and refreshes scalp.
  4. Takes care of hair damage.
  5. Controls and curbs dandruff.
  6. Provides deep and intensive moisturization to scalp and hair.
  7. A safe and permanent solution for hair problems thanks to the pure herbal formulation.
How to use:
Apply Adora Revive Hair Tonic on your scalp and gently massage it in with your fingertips for 15 minutes daily. Start massaging from the centre of the affected area and spread all over the scalp. Apply twice a day for best results.
We tried it for a fortnight, and this is what we experienced.
  • Controls hair fall to a great extent.
  • Helps curb dandruff.
  • Soothes scalp after application.
  • Post shampoo, hair looks shiny and smooth.
  • Acts as a heat protectant, and can be used for styling too
  • Does not contain harmful preservatives like Paraben, SLS, and SLES
  • Contains pure and natural ingredients like Til and Coconut Oils, besides precious herbs
  • If kept for too long, it can be difficult to wash off.
Our Rating
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Our Recommendation
This is a boon for dull hair that has lost its lustre and shine. Get it today!
Our advice would be to use it every alternate day, especially if you have an oily/greasy scalp, and not twice a day as mentioned. Also, a 15-minute massage, followed by a hair wash after an hour is the best way to use this hair oil-cum-tonic.
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