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In review: Beauty Blender range

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The beauty cult favorite – Beauty Blender is finally here! The ultimate makeup application tool for a flawless face is now available at Nykaa and we can’t stop gushing! In review: Beauty Blender range - 1Being a makeup geek, I have always wanted to get my hands on these cute egg-shaped makeup sponges. Since makeup mavens and newbie makeup lovers alike are loving this new range, we at the Beauty Book office were over the moon when we got a chance to try these beauties. So how was it? Read on to find out if they are really worth the hype!

Read on to find out if they are really worth the hype!

Beautyblender Sponge

beauty blender
No matter how expensive the makeup products you buy, poor application means the finished look is never quite as good. If you are looking for a flawless air-brush finish, this is it. The sponge looks small, but when soaked in water, it expands. Available in two sizes; regular and micro minis. Use them to apply concealer and cover hard to reach areas like the inner corners of your eyes and nose.


  • It is designed for easy usage.
  • The sponge leaves an air brush finish.
  • It dries super-fast.
  • A multipurpose tool, it can be used for liquid, cream and powder based makeup products.
  • Its makes blending easy and flawless.
  • Now easily available at Nykaa.com!  


  • None!
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All the essential brushes are packed together in a black mesh pouch. The brushes are made with just the right thickness for a comfortable grip. This makes the application of products easy. Another plus: these synthetic brushes are cruelty- free.
Take a look at the brushes:

Detailers Plush Brush

makeup brush - 2
This is a fluffy, soft, dense brush, and the biggest one in the kit. It is perfect for blush, powder, highlighter and bronzer application.

Detailers Chisel Brush

makeup brush - 3
A flat, fluffy angled eyeshadow brush. It picks up the right amount of products and blends well on the eyelid.

Detailers Soft Touch Brush

makeup brush - 4
Perfect to fill in creases. This brush fits right into the crease and the soft contour is designed to be gentle on skin.

Detailers Sketchers Brush

makeup brush - 5
Get the perfect sharp winged eyeliner with this brush. The brush is at an angle, which makes it easy to create a winged eyeliner.

Detailers Lip Brush

lip brush
Fill in your pout with this brush. It gives you defined lips and neat lipstick application.

Detailers Brow Brush

eyebrow brush
This is the cutest brush of all. This spoolie brush is ideal to brush your eyebrows and shape them just so.


  • All the brushes are fluffy and soft.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Perfect to carry while travelling, as they come in a convenient pouch.
  • The pack has six of the most essential brushes, hence you don’t really need to hoard any more.
  • The brushes pick up the right amount of product.


  • None!
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We loved it!
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