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In Review: Lakme 9 to 5 Primer + Matte Lip Color

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In Review: Lakme 9 to 5 Primer + Matte Lip Color - 1
Will we ever get over our fascination with rich, matte lipsticks? The answer is NO! Creamy, luscious lips are the equivalent of the LBD. Totally timeless! Well, Lakme’s latest offering – the 9 to 5 Primer + Matte lippies – has sure caught our fancy.
Chuck the lip primer outta the window because this double-duty vanity-kit essential sets a flawless base for your pout. Tick off the boxes for ‘intense color payoff’ and ‘12-hour Lakme promise’ on your checklist as well. Time to loosen your purse strings; we bet you’ll be tempted to add all these delicious shades to your entourage.

Reds That Ravish

Makes sense to start with the most popular color fam, no? To put things straight, a haute red pout is basically a synonym for damage control. Pair it with a not-so-flattering outfit or wear (only) it on a rushed morning – a red bullet is officially the SOS button for a lot of makeup-obsessed ladies like us. Be it a date night with SO, BFF’s much-awaited wedding day, or just a boring day at work – talk about popping, rather swishing, a glam pill that never goes wrong.

Nude Is The New Black

Firstly, this one’s a token of gratitude to the Kim Ks and Beyonces of the world for revolutionizing the lipstick jungle. We somehow can’t remember what our makeup kitty looked like during the pre-nude era. The good news is that there’s a nude lippie for every skin tone and every occasion, thanks to the craze this fam-jam generated. And there are 200% chances you’ll find your soulmate in the Lakme nude entourage. Go on, try them.

I Love You Berry Much

Hands always reaching out for the deepest of berries in your lip kitty? Gotcha! Don’t be sorry though, crushing on bold berries is a crime that most of us are guilty of. From mauve-based berries to ones with maroon undertones, this family is an extensive one and we’re elated. Women who’re suckers for bold, right-there pouts but have kinda exhausted their reds should totally head the berry way with these beauts from Lakme.

Pack A Pink Punch

What’s the first word that comes to your mind when someone says PINK? Roses? Candyfloss? Flamingos? Strawberries? Lakme’s packed all these pinkie emotions in a single range and we’re calling it a pink party. Baby pinks, sweetheart pinks, or feisty fuchsias – there’s no pink that can’t brighten a sullen mood. Swipe a pretty pink across your pout and walk out that door with oodles and oodles of confidence. Cue to think pink.

Can’t Do Without Corals

Experimental chicks… raise your hands. Finally, if you’re dead done with the lip route most taken, here’s a cray cray shortcut that’ll help you grab all those compliments. If you’re not such a risk-taker, then babe you’re missing out on a major pop lip trend. From saffron-toned lippies to in-your-face orange popsicle colors, corals deserve to be the latest addition to your lipstick bandwagon. Period.
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