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In Review: Marine Beauties from Thalgo

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In Review: Marine Beauties from Thalgo - 1
The possibility of unearthing beauty resources from the sea bed is as vast as the sea itself. And Thalgo Laboratories has been mastering this for almost half a century. With spa and beauty products from the vast marine underworld, here’s Thalgo's fabulous selection of nutrient and mineral rich beauties the Sea Gods would approve of.
In Review: Marine Beauties from Thalgo - 2
Meant especially for the rougher areas on your elbows and knees, this one-of-a-kind exfoliator is no mean feat. A body scrub that boasts unconventional marine ingredients like Red Algae and Butcher’s Broom, not only does this creamy formula remove dead cells, but it also lightens tans.
In Review: Marine Beauties from Thalgo - 3
Your ticket to one of the finest bathing experiences ever! Thanks to this, your shower will now rank only second to a rejuvenating dip in the sea. Replete with gentle cleansing agents and a neutral pH formula, say hello to one of the best skin AND hair products available today.
In Review: Marine Beauties from Thalgo - 4
A marine treasure that protects you from the wrath of the sun – it doesn’t get better than this! Infused with eccentric ingredients like Sun'Ytol, Hyposensine, and Peptides, this high-protection formula is dermatologically tested for sensitive skin.
In Review: Marine Beauties from Thalgo - 5
No more scrambling for concealer and cucumber slices after a night out. Here’s the ultimate anti-puffy eyes, anti-wrinkle formula, and we couldn’t be happier. This easy-to-use Thalgo marvel amazingly combines the benefits of a massage and an ice cube treatment!
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Made with sea-soothing ingredients, this clear bottle of gentle cleansing water is your magic wand when it comes to skin care. Consign your makeup removal worries to a bin thanks to Thalgo’s revolutionary marine beauty hero, Seve Bleue des Oceans.
In Review: Marine Beauties from Thalgo - 7
Imperfections are beautiful, but not on your face. Thanks to Thalgo’s corrector tube, a flawless complexion is no longer an impossible dream. An aquatic star on its own, a tiny amount of this magical formula is enough to scare those blemishes away.
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