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In Review: NapNap Portable Lullaby Sleeping Mat

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In Review: NapNap Portable Lullaby Sleeping Mat - 1
Attention, attention… new mommies and to-be new mommies! Apart from the bawling gift that you just received or are awaiting, here’s our contribution towards making motherhood a tad bit easier for you.
Just focusing on the nutritional needs of your tiny champion isn’t enough; your baby needs to clock an average of 13 to 16 hours of sleep every day in her first year. Here’s why.
  • A good night’s sleep facilitates brain development. Both their attention span and the ability to learn skills is improved. No wonder kids who rest well are also the ones who learn to walk and talk early on.
  • Did you know that your baby physically grows the most when he’s busy sleeping like a baby? Not only does a good sleep cycle improve general immunity of your tiny tot but it also acts as an insurance against eating disorders, stunted growth, and obesity in the future.
  • It doesn’t help that sleep-deprived tiny humans also happen to be the crankiest. Want  a happy baby? Make sure he sleeps well.
  • Not to forget, as a mother, you get a taste of your old, carefree life only when your creation is busy catching some zzz’s. Basically, get your beauty sleep when your child is sleeping!
Now the wonder that we’re gaga over today might look like an ordinary sleeping mat at first but look close for its superpowers. The NapNap Portable Lullaby Sleeping Mat is safest and only sleeping mat that recreates the experience of a mother’s womb and lulls the baby to sleep. How you ask? Allow us.
Soothing Vibrations
The word ‘vibrations’ may scare you at first but hear us out, will you? The rushing of blood to the placenta and the mother’s heartbeat combine to create vibrations for an unborn baby. It’s no news that rhythmic motion soothes a colicky baby, explaining why your rhythmic back tapping puts them to sleep. Goes without saying, this mat does the job for you like a boss. With an absolutely safe micro USB charging port and battery life of ten days, this tech wonder automatically shuts down within 20 minutes, which is enough time for your honey boo to go into deep slumber. It also boasts of six vibration modes and five heartbeat modes. Mind = Blown?
Comforting White Noise
Contrary to our assumptions, the womb is a very noisy place. These sounds, commonly called as white noise, are a combination of the mother’s breathing sounds, rushes of the amniotic fluid, and muffled bits of the mother’s voice. In simpler words, white noise sounds like home to your tiny being – familiar, secure and comforting. Here’s where NapNap is superior to all those random mats out there in the market, when it comes to your baby’s rather invaluable nap times. Along with the vibrations, it successfully mimics white noise and helps them fall back into sleep in case they wake up.
Comfortable And Convenient
Keep no doubts, the quality is top-notch! Made of the finest Egyptian cotton, this mat doesn’t mess with the uber-soft skin of your munchkin at all. Its waterproof, germ-free and easily washable. Comes with a cover pouch and a charging cable. The best part, however, is that it is travel-friendly. Fits perfectly into strollers, cribs, and bassinets. Can also be used as a nursing pillow. Taking this on your road trips and long flights isn’t a hassle either. Basically, portable perfection to the T.
One For The Mommy
Fun fact: This mat isn’t just meant for your tiny one. As a matter of fact, it also acts a source of relief from back aches and swollen feet during pregnancy and postpartum. In fact, if you’re confused about what to gift your friend at her baby shower, look no further ‘cause this is it.
Still need more coaxing? C’mon, your bundle of joy deserves this!
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