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In Review: Nykaa’s Bath and Body range

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Nykaa bath and body review

With the nail bang that happened last September, all our beauty ancestors rose from the grave, performed a tribal dance that was all about merrymaking and gladly passed out after crushing on the ogle worthy range of Nykaa nail colours. We thought the world would need a while to recover from that dose of awesomeness, but guess what? Nykaa shimmied through with a bath and body range which pamper-loving beauties are going to hoot for. Fresh, floral fragrances to envelop the senses. Just what you need to lighten up this summer.

Presenting the stunning range of Nykaa’s Bath and Body products

Nykaa bath and body range – country rose

1. Country Rose

A lot of us ladies have been the biggest fans of Austen novels when it has come to finding that bitter-sweet love story. To be honest, we’ve even craved for one of our own! Imagine a range of body products that transport you back to Mr. Darcy’s arms with a fragrance that has cupids smitten! Yes, you heard it all right, Nykaa’s Country Rose range gets your hearts tugging and whistling for a prospective ball at Pemberley.

Nykaa bath and body range – fresh aqua

2. Fresh Aqua

For those workaholics that just need to detox their stressed neurons with a day at the seaside, we’ve got you the ocean in a bottle. Don’t believe us? Say hola to Nykaa’s Fresh Aqua range, created for wave addicts that can never get enough of the blues. Feel your cells resign with pleasure as you take the day off for some much needed indulging.

Nykaa bath and body range – fresh lavender

3. Fresh Lavender

Reminiscing about that trip to Paris where all around you were fields of purple, and the love of lavender soared mighty and high? Missing the aroma of freshly baked croissants with your classic Americano? But what if we got you all that lavender magic at your very doorstep? With Nykaas’s Fresh Lavender Range, it is very much possible.

Nykaa bath and body range – tropical jasmine

4. Tropical Jasmine

Memories of childhood rush past us when the phulwala sits smugly with wicker bastes full of gajras. The soothing, sensual touch of the jasmine comes to embrace you with Nykaa’s Tropical Jasmine range. It helps you unwind and float through your Mondays like Buddha. Thank us later for all the joyous bath times this one entails.

Ladies, for every single day of your drudging week, these adorable ranges from Nykaa can be your best mates to bank on. Whether it is a trifle with your man or your roommate’s wedding, your skin will have all the happiness it deserves.

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