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IN REVIEW: Nykaa’s Eye-mazing Just Wing It Eyeshadow Palettes

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Popular Eyeshadow Palattes - 1
Looking for good eyeshadow palettes? Look no further than Nykaa’s much-anticipated Just Wink It Eyeshadow Palette. These five new amazing eyeshadow palettes have a buttery, silken formula enriched with moisturizing Shea Butter, Vitamin E and Bisabolol, as well as anti-ageing Tomato extract. They sit comfortable, blend easy and don’t budge, smudge or wear out, making them a great pick for everyday wear.
Each 12-in-1 palette comes in a range of highly pigmented matte and shimmer formulas that can be easily coupled to create a variety of versatile looks for every mood and occasion. Easy on the pocket, easy on the eyes and easy to use, these are a great vanity bag addition for beginners and pros alike and a highly recommended eyeshadow palatte.
Read on to find out how to wear each of these beautiful babies:

The Amazing Eyeshadow Palettes from Nykaa

  1. Popular Eyeshadow Palattes – 2

    1. Caramel Crunch

    Not just a fair-weather friend, the Caramel Crunch palette is your go-to if you wear eyeshadow on the regular. A nude palette with a range of work-appropriate hues, this one is a mix of matte browns, shimmery bronzes, coppers and other earthy shades. Classy and comfortable, wear this one to that next meeting to show you’re beautiful and mean business.
  2. 2. Crushed Berries

    Think you’re prettier in pink? The Crushed Berries palette is a great mix of pinks and mauves that can be highlighted with its delicate shimmers. This is a great option if you like to have fun with your look, but still keep it feminine; wear it to your next brunch or play up the darker colors for a night-out with your girlfriends.
    Popular Eyeshadow Palattes - 3
  3. Popular Eyeshadow Palattes - 4

    3. Double Chocolate Chip

    If you’re obsessed with the ‘80s, or just love chocolate-y shades in general, you’re going to love Double Chocolate Chip. A date-night version of Caramel Crunch, this smokey eye eyeshadow palette features toffee, dark chocolate, deep black and nudes– the perfect pairing for a high-definition smokey eye that will blow your date away.
  4. 4. Peach Sorbet

    We’re telling you now: Peach Sorbet is going to be your go-to summer palette for that summer eye look. A vibrant assortment of peaches, corals and pinks – it’s a great option for daytime looks that can be built up to be as bright or low-key as you require. If we were you, we’d create a gorgeous monotone or sunset eye look that will make your lids look drenched in summer.
    Popular Eyeshadow Palattes - 5
  5. Popular Eyeshadow Palattes - 6

    5. Sweet Sundae

    The multitasker’s ultimate palette, Sweet Sundae is for sweeties that ain’t got no time to waste. If your work and social commitments mean you constantly need to upgrade from desk to dusk – this one is exactly what the doctor ordered. It marries daytime pinks, corals and nudes with deep purple and dusky shimmers that can amp up your look for the after-hours with a single swipe.
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