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In Review The Ahava Active Dead Sea Minerals Range

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In Review The Ahava Active Dead Sea Minerals Range - 1
Is your skin at rock bottom? Don’t fret, we’ve got cures for every skin crime, express delivered from the lowest point on Earth: the Dead Sea. For years, people have travelled from far and wide to roll around in the dark mud of the Dead Sea. The salt-saturated lake in Israel has a client roster as diverse and prolific as the Queen of Sheba (you read that right), Cleopatra, Victoria Beckham, Emma Watson and Madonna.
Brim-full of nutrient-rich soil and 26 magic minerals – 12 of which you can’t find anywhere else – the Dead Sea abounds with beauty miracles, addressing everything from rejuvenation and anti-ageing to more serious afflictions like allergies, arthritis and psoriasis. Whaaat, you ask? Well, we’re dead serious! And now you don’t even need to buy that ticket to Israel. Ahava, the leading Dead Sea Salt & Mineral brand has truly earned its salt around the world. Now, it’s on Nykaa with a wide range of Dead Sea products, and the Queen of Sheba says you have to try it.
We soaked in their sublime potions to give you our top five favorite sea-soothing products.
In Review The Ahava Active Dead Sea Minerals Range - 2
A one-pint-fits-all formula, this liquid salt gel offers the same benefits as a leisurely soak in the Dead Sea. Flooded with Dead Sea Salt, it cleanses skin of toxins and works to fortify its natural defense system. The potent mix of aquatic minerals removes dead skin, renews, regenerates and returns moisture. Work for all skin types.
Look no further than this feather-light, oil-free and matte-finish moisturizer for summertime hydration. A hybrid of cream and gel packed with Vitamin E, this Dead Sea Salt moisturizer quenches your skin through the day, enhancing elasticity and shrinking wrinkles and pores. Aloe Vera and Provitamin B soothe against the heat.
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Mineral Spring and Dead Sea Water, Aloe Juice, Cucumber Extract and Coffee are only a few ingredients in this universal super serum. A triple threat, this Dead Sea product addresses dark circles, puffiness and pumps the eye area with moisture to lend it youthful radiance and clarity.  A little swipe goes a long way, and is suitable for all seasons.
Never mind Victoria – we think we’ve found Cleopatra’s secret. A patented blend of X6 Osmoter, Ahava’s secret mineral recipe, this super serum gives your face much-needed TLC with its all-star formula.  The Dead Sea Crystal Osmoter X6 Serum targets UV and pollution damage, wrinkles, sagginess, dullness and dryness, injecting moisture all along the way.  Phew!
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Marvellous mud! A rich-textured blend of Dead Sea Mud, vitamins and plants that provides intense hydration to soften and soothe skin. This exquisite full body moisturizer helps relieve dry and sensitive skin conditions while combating the effects of harsh, cold climates. Apply liberally after a shower and enjoy the softest skin of your life.
Transport yourself to the seaside with this fresh, aquatic spray-on dry oil.  A hydrating mist, the Dead Sea Plants Dry Oil Body Mist smooths, softens and hydrates your skin, guards against free radicals and instantly freshens with cool water and notes of salty sea air.  This one’s a fan favorite and we can definitely smell why.
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