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In Review: The New Vaseline Body Crème

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The New Vaseline Body Crème

A few weeks ago, I felt a slight nip in the air as I hurried to work – a clear indication to switch up my skincare routine. Well, if you must know, my skin’s health deteriorates around this time of the year (due to the transitional weather, no surprises there). It struggles due to the abrupt drop in the moisture content, becoming exceptionally dull, brittle, and unhappy. To get ahead of the problem and avoid the sight of flaky, scaly limbs – I started scouring the internet for satiating body lotions. I stumbled upon the new Vaseline Body Crème! And it’s a total game-changer. If you’re in the same boat and wish to remedy the situation, keep scrolling!

Why Switch Up Your Regimen During Transitional Weather?

Skimping on a moisturising formula (for the skin), even during the coldest of months? I don’t blame you – oftentimes while discussing skin health, body care is relegated to the last spot. This grave oversight could cost you dearly! For the unversed, the skin loses moisture through its outermost layer, dubbed transepidermal loss. It leads to excessive parchedness, uncomfy tightness, and just dull-looking skin. This concern becomes more prominent during winters or transitional weather – with the dry air zapping every morsel of water content from the epidermis or dehydration.

Why Vaseline Body Crème ? Here’s My Experience...

There are three variants of the Vaseline Body Crème available in the market. I have been using Light Hydrate Body Gel Crème that sits in a sturdy blue and golden tub (love the aesthetic packaging). The cream’s texture is out of this world – it infuses beautifully into my skin without clogging pores. The innovative formula by this beloved brand features the hero humectant, hyaluronic acid that binds water molecules to the skin. Additionally, the presence of vitamin C in the blend ensures that my skin looks flawlessly radiant at all times.

Alternatively, you may also try the Vaseline Deep Moisture Silky Body Crème! The unique formula infused with Cera Boost Technology and vitamin E bolsters the skin’s ceramide levels, elevating barrier health.

And Vaseline Cocoa Glow Whipped Body Butter Whipped to perfection, the cocoa-infused body butter hydrates the skin deeply while administering an even, single complexion.

When to Use Vaseline Body Crème

I have been whipping out this jar to coddle my skin every morning, right before work. For all beauty beginners – the pores on your skin open up after a bath and absorb the product better. I recommend you give it a try. Only a dollop of the cream keeps my skin moisturized, even after braving the outdoors and facing the wrath of artificial aggressors like the ACON!


If you are looking for a featherlight cream that keeps your skin moisturised, around the clock, get your hands on this tub STAT. The Vaseline newbie isn’t merely another product but an indulgent sensorial treat.

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