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In The Making: Kimirica Founders On Paving The Way For Clean Beauty

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The growing dialogue around sustainable beauty has compelled a lot of us to re-think the products that sit in our beauty cabinets. Conscious changes like seeking refillable product packaging or acknowledging brands that forgo cruel animal testing and chemicals may seem trivial but are in fact pivotal for spearheading change towards the bigger goal. One such name, harnessing the power of nature-inspired ingredients coupled with innovation, Kimirica, aims to curate luxurious self-care experiences with their selection. The brand coins its name from Co-sisters (sisters-turned-Co-founders), Kimi and Rica who are piloting the brand’s ethos of future-proof offerings that are value additive to the lives of many. To quote Kimi Jain, Co-founder and Head of Brand Experience at Kimirica,“Every Kimirica product has a story to tell. It is a sensory experience right from the moment you open the box to the moment you use our products.”

In conversation with the changemakers, who walk us through their unique mission and vision for Kimirica.

Beauty Book: What inspired you to create 100% vegan, paraben-free products?

Kimi & Rica: Our vision is to make the world privy to offerings that are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, a virtue that we imbibe from our own lives. Our intention from Day 0 was to carefully craft high-performing, self-care products whilst also ensuring a safer and cleaner planet for all of us. With the resolute purpose to redefine clean beauty, we were one of the first few brands to initiate the paraben-free revolution in India. Every year we do a global survey of chemicals and ingredients that may be detrimental to the skin, moreover the planet and steer clear of those. In fact, every Kimirica product passes through over 20 quality checks and touchpoints. This way, we know that once a Kimirica product is on the market, it truly is the safest thing for any skin type, and the fact that we have used sustainable, eco-friendly and conscious practices to make the same only adds up to our joy of serving people.

Beauty Book: We have heard a lot about Kimirica’s unique approach to skincare. Could you please elaborate more on the science behind it?

Kimi & Rica: Our skincare is a powerful blend of age-old Ayurveda with modern, contemporary science. We’ve combined a 5000-year-old healing system which is, by the way, one of the oldest in the world with science that draws power from plants to impart health and healing to humanity - to create the safest, most effective products with the most luxurious performance experience.

Beauty Book: What is Kimirica’s USP?

Kimi & Rica: Being vegan, cruelty-free, economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable was our choice, it came from our heart and the rest followed thereafter. Our journey started with just the four of us, Mohit Jain, Rajat Jain and us (Kimi And Rica Jain) and now we are a team of 500+ people, wherein women contribute to over 50% of our entire workforce. From founders to the factory floor, to finance to research and development- they are everywhere.

Beauty Book: How does the brand aim at creating a luxurious gifting experience?

Kimi & Rica: Our gifting is an experiential service that we provide with utmost love and care. We put a lot of thought into our packaging and carry a special range of luxury gift boxes that can elevate any special occasion. We also have made provisions for our consumers to avail refillable bottles in a bid to ensure steady strides toward future-proof beauty.

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